Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)

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Rhys Bowen

August 21, Escape to Europe in the s and enjoy the hunt for a murder with a Royal! Read More August 7, Set a course with Georgie! Rhys Bowen Clothes and the Woman September 15, The say that clothes make the man, or the woman in this case. Well, at this moment clothes are making my life a misery. Rhys Bowen We call it Progress.

March 2, I write books set in the past. Emmy claims she's looking for pure-blood Celts because the Celts are renowned for such abilities, and Betsy soon follows her new mentor to the Sacred Grove, situated for fictional purposes on the site of the actual Portmeirion. Sacred Grove has become the home to a center for New Age spirituality, complete with resident guru, Randy Wunderlich, the famous American psychic.

But Evans is suspicious that Betsy is the object of some kind of scam, plus he's on the trail of a missing American coed, whose trail leads to the Sacred Grove and Wunderlich himself.

Evans to Betsy

When Betsy dreams that Wunderlich is dead in a cave, her dream proves all too real. While Evans works to prove Betsy's innocence, he must cope with changes in his personal life he's finally moved into his own place as well as with the serious, unaccountable illness of his beloved, Bronwen. Bowen deftly and humorously weaves the various plot threads into an entertaining whole.

This is a series that consistently charms. Cottage mit Mord.

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Jenta fra Toscana. From the author of In Farleigh Field.. The charming village of Llanfair, the setting for Rhys Bowen's beloved Constable Evans mysteries, sits amid lush, rolling Welsh meadows populated with quaint cottages and is considered by many of its colorful locals to be a kind of paradise. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities for young people in Llanfair, so when an exciting and glamorous American woman breezes into town talking of dormant psychic powers and important social research, barmaid Betsy Edwards is quick to take her up on an offer of employment at the recently opened Sacred Grove New Age center not far away.

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Of course the locals, including the village constable, Evan Evans, think Betsy has gone around the bend, not to mention the nutty American who dragged her off to be "tested. And she's only a little surprised when her new powers are put to a real-life test; when the center's flamboyant director goes missing, clues to his fate mysteriously appear in Betsy's dreams. It's a tantalizing mystery for lonely Betsy, who can't help doing a little investigating on her own.

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But Constable Evans has been involved with Sacred Grove before-looking for a missing American college student who was lured there by Druid worship. As Betsy does her own sleuthing on the spot, Evan comes to realize that there is nothing straightforward about this case and that Betsy has no idea at all of the terrible danger she is in, in Evans to Betsy. Betsy the barmaid has long been desperate for recognition, and she may have found her ticket to fame when a visiting American graduate student named Emmy encourages her to develop her abilities as a psychic.

Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)
Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)
Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)
Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)
Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)
Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6) Evans to Betsy (Constable Evans, Book 6)

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