Environmental Policy and Politics

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Environmental Policy and Politics

When scientists engage in policymaking, do they infuse their advice with values and policy prescriptions that go beyond the objective science? We've long known that the answer is 'often, yes,' but Ann Campbell Keller advances the debate ten leagues. With keen interpretive skills, she shows exactly how, where, when, and why scientists cross the porous boundary between science and policy. A marvelous piece of scholarship and a great read for anyone interested in policymaking and science.

Kemi Fuentes-George. Guy Edwards and J. Timmons Roberts. Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close. Preview Preview. Since a diverse range of skills are needed to succeed in environmental policy, available career options are well-rounded and vary considering whether or not students have decided on a concentration or dual major to help specialize their career goals. Some career options are:. Over time we will be updating this section and including more information for those who want to study political science in the USA and for other countries, but please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on our Facebook fan page , and also follow us and post questions through Twitter.

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What is Environmental Policy?

I consent to the storage of my personal data so that International Student can deliver the monthly newsletter and other relevant emails to me. This includes on the one hand, that research programs are created to promote projects on sustainability-related topics.

Environmental Policy Integration

On the other hand, evaluation criteria are necessary. Researchers and scientists offer incentives to become more oriented to the social relevance and political connectivity of their research. Activities in this field will find this both in the national context, e. The FFU engages itself in research activities with the development of such criteria oriented towards research in social problems.

Such a contribution should be made in addition to academic excellence to ensure the political connectivity of research.

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The possibilities of joint development of research programs with researchers, research funders and policy makers are the subject of research at the FFU. Decision makers and funding agencies can be involved not only in research processes, but also an exchange should made possible at the conceptual level. The aim is to develop research programs whose projects are evaluated according to both criteria of scientific excellence as well as provide knowledge that contributes to the solution of socially relevant issues and is usable in the policy process.

Klaus Jacob will be a member of the Expert Group that has been established by the European Commission in order to write a report that reflects the state of the art of responsible innovation, both in terms of what is to be understood under responsible research and innovation and what type of actions are already being conducted in Europe. The aim of the project is to improve the operational relevance and use of IA tools by uniting the multi-disciplinary competences of large European institutes in the field of IA tools.

Germany has committed itself to an ambitious resource policy. The National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Federal Government formulates the aim of doubling the resource productivity until compared to Following the European resource strategy, the German government has adopted the German resource efficiency strategy in The necessity to increase resource efficiency is indisputable: Natural resources are scarce either in geological or in economical terms , and their extraction, use and disposal is associated with environmental and social impacts.

However, recent assessments suggest that the goal of doubling the resource productivity will not be reached unless further policy measures are taken. Much potential has not yet been used and politics must help to overcome these barriers. However, the concrete objectives and priorities, the level of ambition and the instrumentation of a resource policy remain controversial in politics and society. At the FFU we analyze and support in various projects the evolving debate on resource policies in Germany and the EU from a political science perspective.

Environmental politics

The research project aims at developing specific suggestions for the use of economic instruments or combinations of economic instruments for the improvement of resource efficiency in Germany and the EU. The project aims at supporting and stimulating the emerging political and social debate on resource policies from a political science, legal and economic perspective. For this purpose the discussion on targets and indicators will be analyzed and options identified for selecting, operationalizing and prioritizing targets on resource policy.

Currently, an environmentally recyclable concept of a socio-ecological, sustainable growth and social model is missing, which would be a reference point for future economic and social prosperity and corresponding transformation processes. With this background, the main point of this study is the technical analysis and discussion of the following aspects: 1 theoretical and practical approaches of ecological and sustainable-oriented social and economic models — based on a national or macro-economic view.

The effects of environmental tax reforms on economic growth, economic competitiveness, employment, environmental quality and quality of life are at the heart of this programme. Celebrating the 20 th anniversary of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety gave reason to renew the answers to questions of German environmental politics on federal level. The way public finances are raised and spent can be used as an important lever to affect various environmental problems and challenges — ranging from the Energiewende, climate protection, the management of increasingly scarce resources to the balancing of public budgets and the question how to build a form of sustainable growth.

A greening of public finances can make a contribution to these challenges. The study provides an overview of the international debate on Green Jobs, and evaluates the existing empirical evidence on quantitative and qualitative employment effects of the transition to a Green Economy, particularly in developing and emerging countries. This project contributes to measurement of progress towards Green Economy and its understanding for political decision making process in Germany.

Based on a synopsis of rele-vant measurement concepts it identifies deficits of available concepts and develops suggestions for an adequate indicator system. The study recapitulates the most important shortfalls and vacancies of the GDP figures. Founded on this analysis, the question of possible complementary indicators has been discussed. Environmental Politics Environmental Politics are related to many different policy fields which is why the FFU pursues research in a variance of policy fields like biodiversity or research policy.

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Expand all Collapse all. Institutionalisierung von kollektiven Arbeitsbeziehungen in der deutschen Windenergiebranche? English version coming soon! Laufzeit: Market analysis of the supply and demand side in climate mitigation and adaptation technologies and study of and development of options to improve international cooperation.

Multi Level Governance-Perspective on management of nuclear waste disposal. Bioenergy Promotion 2 — from strategies to activities.

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    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics
    Environmental Policy and Politics Environmental Policy and Politics

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