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Why study Entomology at WSU?

Dale Ila Riggs knew the pests were coming for her berries. It was summer , and Riggs watched as the invasive spotted wing Drosophila, a type of fruit fly, descended on The Berry Patch, her acre farm in eastern New York near the Massachusetts border. The laboratory of Dr. Ann Hajek in the Department of Entomology studies insect pathogenic fungi and nematodes as biological control agents for notorious invasive insect species such as the Asian longhorned beetle, gypsy moth, brown marmorated stink bug, and spotted lanternfly.

Laboratory assistants will care for insect colonies, collect live insects from rearing cages and the field, dissect insects to look for pathogens, and use sterile technique to culture organisms. The successful candidate s will pay strong attention to detail and follow instructions, but also may assist in problem-solving and developing new methods. Must have excellent communication skills and work well with others.

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Must be willing to work indoors and outdoors, and infrequently lift heavy objects. Must be physically able to use microscopes.

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Personal vehicle NOT required. Assistants are scheduled for hours per week. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to both Dr. Eric Clifton ehc87 cornell. Pollinators are essential for maintaining floral diversity and for producing many important agricultural crops that feed residents of New York and other areas of the world.

They have also created a series of videos teaching the public about an array of issues from pollination to bats to aquatic insects and more. Insectapalooza is a one day insect fair held annually by the department bringing in families from as far as Michigan each year. This event reaches thousands of visitors who get hands on experience learning about many different arthropods, their importance and benefits to our community. Google Tag Manager.

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Nomada by Laura Russo. Snow Scorpionfly taken by Graham Montgomery, Entomology undergrad. A research team at Cornell University highlights an important opportunity for tick researchers and soil ecologists to collaborate to better understand what happens when the ticks aren't in contact with hosts. Meet Phillip Barden, Ph. In two endangered beetle species that live in the Edwards Aquifer in Texas, males and females are nearly indiscernible.

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A new study suggests the quickest way to ID males versus females is to shine a light through them, illuminating internal organs that reveal the difference. In the first field study of its kind, researchers confirmed Peromyscus mouse nests as understudied habitats for ticks, including blacklegged ticks and American dog ticks.

Researchers are hoping to better understand the role of mouse-tick interactions within nests in the spread of tick-borne disease. Sometimes, less is more. Case in point: the mass-rearing program that produces millions of sterile Mexican fruit flies Anastrepha ludens for managing wild populations. Scientists refining the effort find that a lower ratio of males to females in mating cages leads to higher fecundity and fertility in the females—and higher cost-effectiveness for the operation.

Planting strips of wildflowers next to crops is a boon for native bees, but few farms adopt the practice.

A new study, however, shows farmers can turn an immediate profit by selling wildflower seeds retail, while the long-term benefits of increased pollination and crop yields materialize over time. Even in this digital age, we continue to extract ideas and materials from insects and their relatives. However, the challenge of today may be to avoid a strictly utilitarian view of other organisms, whereby a species is expendable if it cannot demonstrate economic value that can be measured in dollars.

Engineers may recognize the internal muscle structure of a honey bee abdomen for its resemblance to a Stewart platform, a mechanical device that enables six degrees of freedom in movement. Researchers who have found its natural equivalent in bees say the discovery is already informing their work in designing articulating nose cones for rockets. Yellowjackets are nuisance predators of honey bees, preying on them and pillaging their honey.

But bees fight back, and healthy hives are rarely at risk. Learn more about yellowjackets, their interactions with bees, and what sets yellowjackets apart from hornets and other fellow wasps. The mosquito species Toxorhynchites rutilus is harmless to humans but is a voracious predator of other mosquitoes. Researchers in Houston, Texas, are hoping the "mosquito assassin" could be put into action as a tool for controlling mosquitoes that carry human pathogens—if they can find an efficient way to raise the predator mosquitoes in the lab.

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Seeing is believing, and showing your legislators your science in an interactive, hands-on setting can inform them about how their decisions affect the systems and organisms entomologists care so much about. National issues get the lion's share of attention, but local and state policy is just as important to citizens within any given community. Here are 15 tips for entomologists looking to advocate for their science in their own communities. Enter your email address to subscribe to Entomology Today. You'll receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. A study along a river in Central Mexico finds Hetaerina americana damselflies in reduced numbers after a decline in vegetation the addition of wastewater outlets.

Researchers say the decline illustrates the impact of human land use on natural ecosystems. As the western conifer-seed bug has arrived in South America, its resemblance to kissing bugs has caused a stir, as members of the public have readily mistaken the two. Researchers in Chile recommend accessible identification keys and educational materials to better inform both health professionals and the public. In a recent study, the wasp Spathius galinae successfully established wild populations and outperformed other parasitoids in attacking invasive emerald ash borers in three northeastern states in the U.

Researchers say it could become a useful biological control agent to protect native ash trees. The largest-ever outbreak of the invasive oriental fruit fly in Florida in was successfully quelled through a six-month eradication program that combined outreach, control, science, technology, and regulation. Subscribe to Entomology Today via Email Enter your email address to receive an alert whenever a new post is published here at Entomology Today.

Entomology Today 2 days ago Leave a Comment. Impact of Invasive Japanese Barberry Cascades Through Local Food Webs Dense thickets of invasive Japanese barberry significantly reduce the diversity and numbers of insects and arthropods in forests, according to new research. The Power of Infographics to Illuminate Insect Science Done well, infographics are a useful tool for engaging audiences that the entomological community doesn't usually reach. Fatal Attraction: A Novel Solution to the Problem of Asian Citrus Psyllid on Residential Citrus In many areas where the Asian citrus psyllid spreads citrus greening disease to commercial groves, it can evade control efforts by infesting residential citrus trees.

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