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Well Seated. Change Up. However, this tradition is beginning to break down in China, due to the country's one-child policy, rising life expectancy and an aging population. Nursing homes are beginning to become a more socially acceptable option for elderly care. Many Indians live in joint family units, with the elders acting as the head of the household.

How to Respect Your Elders

The elders are supported by the younger members of the family and they in turn play a key role in raising their grandchildren. And this is not just passive advice; their word is final in settling disputes," Achyut Bihani wrote in Slate. Disrespecting the elders of the family or sending them to an old-age home has a social stigma in India, Bihani adds. In the African-American community, death is seen as an opportunity to celebrate life. In African-American culture, death is seen as part of the "natural rhythm of life," which lessens the cultural fear around aging.

For this reason, Karen H. Meyers writes in The Truth About Death and Dying , "African-American funerals tend to be life-affirming and to have a celebratory air intermingled with the sorrow. Though the average life expectancy in ancient Rome was around 25 , some individuals did live into their 70s, and they were generally respected for their wisdom. Karen Cokayne of the University of Reading , quoting Cicero as saying, "For there is assuredly nothing dearer to a man than wisdom, and though age takes away all else, it undoubtedly brings us that.

But Cokayne explains that older individuals had to earn that high status of respect by living a virtuous life. The old had to be an example to the young, as it was thought the young learned by example.

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Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Wellness. All rights reserved. Chinese children care for their parents in old age. In ancient Rome, elders were a precious resource.

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Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect
Elder Respect Elder Respect

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