Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)

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Does seeking the voice of the agentic child in participatory methods deliver what it promises? Sociological Studies of Childhood and Youth , Vol.

Incontinence in older adults: The role of the geriatric multidisciplinary team

Bond, E. Dubrovnik Croatia. February Current PhD students Maureen Garrett, thesis title: A qualitative exploration of library services and lifelong learning Kate Sida-Nicholls, thesis title: An ethnography of newly qualified teachers John Hadlow, thesis title: An autoethnography of negotiating an unconventional fatherhood jointly supervised with Dr Sandya K.

Looking for something else? Undergraduate courses. Childhood and Family, Education. As an Indigenous scholar and educator she has sought to transform education in ways that are more inclusive of Indigenous ways of knowing and languages. In , Dr. Hare was awarded the Professorship of Indigenous Education in Teacher education. The goals of this professorship are to:. This community engagement approach with teachers and schools will transform places of learning so vital to the success of Aboriginal learners.

Hare and Dr.

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Anderson learn from the perspectives of 25 Indigenous parents and family members and two caregivers reflecting on the transition of young Indigenous children from their home to an early childhood development program. The Aboriginal Family and Community Literacy Curriculum AFCLC was developed to support new and innovative training and professional development opportunities for early childhood staff and educators, as well as Aboriginal parents, engaged in designing, implementing and evaluating Aboriginal family literacy programs for urban Aboriginal families in literacy projects associated with Aboriginal Head Start programs.

The goal of this project is to study and advocate for the advancement of respectful and appropriate inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in online learning environments. Available through edx. The certificate program is made up of five 3. Course development based on broad faculty consultation.

This online learning tool is intended to promote the place of Indigenous knowledges, knowledge holders, and pedagogies in schools and communities that will enrich classroom experiences for all learners. Educators are encouraged to utilize the broad range of resources that are organized according to eight topics relevant to current issues in Indigenous education.

Unique to this online website is the focus on Indigenous perspectives, curricular resources e. The project brings together teacher candidates, school associates, and faculty advisors to plan, implement, and assess teaching and curriculum related to Aboriginal perspectives, content, and learning approaches as part of the practicum experience. It aims to enhance the practicum experience and contribute to sustainability of Indigenous ways of knowing in classrooms through supported mechanisms that include e-mentoring, coaching, and collaboration. IPC brings together Education faculty, instructors, and graduate teaching assistants to strengthen their understanding and commitments to pedagogies that foster critical cross-cultural learning and contribute to Indigenous frameworks of reconciliation, decolonization, and self-determination.

The emphasis is on helping instructors understand the epistemological traditions that operate behind Indigenous education teaching practices so they may apply these to their own coursework.

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Hare, J. Aboriginal Education Policy in Canada: Building capacity for change and control. Johnson Eds. Haig Brown Eds. Anderson, M. Kendrick, T. Smythe Eds. Aboriginal families and Aboriginal education: Coming full circle. Gleason Eds. Calgary, Alberta: Detselig Enterprises.

Aboriginal education: Is there a way ahead? Dickason Eds. Toronto, ON: Harcourt Brace. Australian Journal of Early Childhood. UK: Symposium Journals Ltd. Reviewers of the article: Brock Education. Connelly, F. Recent tensions and challenges in teacher education as manifested in curriculum discourse. Reviewers of the article: Teaching and Teacher Education.

Promoting digital evidence-based reflection in teaching practicum by using iPads for early childhood student teachers. L, Hu,X. Hu, X. Using interactive media to promote young children's learning.

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Yeung, S. Identifying Chinese children who have English reading difficulties. Cheng Y. Enhancing CE ECE student teachers' understanding on integration and creativity through the encounter with rich experiences and the practice of multiple forms of visual art presentation in a "Butterfiles" project. Wong, N.

Wong, Y. Wong , K. Consultant, curriculum development for SKH St. Tutor, a staff training workshop for kindergarten teachers on creative and integrated art activities that was organized by the St.

CNP Early Childhood Care & Education MOOC

Workshop organized by the Social Welfare Department, 11 February Hong Kong — Present etching. Cheung, S. British Journal of Developmental Psychology , Early view , The role of early language abilities on math skills among Chinese children.


Early Education and Development , 28 , Beliefs associated with support for child-centered learning environment among Hong Kong pre-service early childhood teachers. Child Studies in Asia-Pacific Contexts , 5 , Zhou, Y. A comparison of phonological awareness, lexical compounding, and homophone training for Chinese word reading in Hong Kong kindergartners. Early Education and Development , 23 , Sex Roles , 64 , Ip, H. Associations of warmth and control of Filipina domestic helpers and mothers to Hong Kong kindergarten children's social competence.

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Dulay, K. Kam, C. Kwan, M. Effects of a play-based social skill training program on young children with language delay. Effects of dialogic reading using picture books on a child with developmental language delay. Cheung, L. Lam, Y. Leung, W. So, W. Cheng, T. A case study of the effectiveness of social stories to enhance the social skills of a young child with autism spectrum disorder. Yiu, Y. Tso, W. Yim, K. Cheng, C. Leung, H. Wong, P. Relationships among socioeconomic status, home literacy environment, early vocabulary and pre-literacy skills among Filipino children.

Lee, K. Li, Z. Chow, Y. Liu, K. Lo, P. Wong, K. Effects of using predictable picture books on a child with intellectually disability. Indirect benefits of a numeracy-related parent training program on general parenting attitudes in the Philippines. The effectiveness of a parent training program in promoting the number sense of Filipino young children. Maximizing the educational benefits of parent-child number board game playing to kindergarteners: The importance of parent training.

Relations among masculinity, femininity and cross-sex friendship in adolescents. Consultant, M. Cheung, R. Stigma of psychosis: Do diagnostic label, symptom manifestation, and gender matter? American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 88 5 , Bhowmik, M. Acculturative stress and coping strategies among Mainland Chinese university students in Hong Kong: A qualitative inquiry.

Trivariate modeling of interparental conflict and adolescent emotional security: An examination of mother-father-child dynamics. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 11 , Marital conflict and emotional insecurity among Chinese adolescents: Cultural value moderation. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 26 2 , Mo, P. The prevalence and factors for cancer screening behavior among people with severe mental illness in Hong Kong. Cummings, E. Parental depressive symptoms and adolescent adjustment: A prospective test of an explanatory model for the role of marital conflict.

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Can public versus private disclosure cause greater psychological symptom reduction? Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 30 10 , Anger suppression, interdependent self-construal, and depression among Asian American and European American college students. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16 4 , Park, I. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 80 2 , Self-stigma among concealable minorities in Hong Kong: Conceptualization and unified measurement.

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Family socialization in the development of Asian American child psychopathology. Leong, L. Juang, D. Fitzgerald Eds. Leung, M. July, Music listening and psychological well-being among early adolescents in Hong Kong. May, Family contagion of emotion regulation: Effects on adolescent functioning and well-being. Yee, L. Regulation of positive and negative emotional experiences mediate the relationship between dispositional mindfulness and anxiety symptoms in young adults.

Cheung, C. Are creative teens melancholic? April, Maternal depressive symptoms and emotional problems among Hong Kong Chinese adolescents: The Mediating role of emotion regulation. Family correlates of child adjustment: The roles of fathering, mothering, and mother-child emotion socialization in the family. Mediating roles of emotions and emotional awareness between music participation and well-being among Hong Kong Chinese adolescents.

Ng, C. The role of mindfulness on emotion regulation among Hong Kong Chinese college students. Tsang, M. Maternal emotion regulation and child adjustment among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. November, Maternal depression and child development. Understanding the effects of parental depressive symptoms on adolescent behavioral problems. Psychometrics of creativity measures for college students. Parental depressive symptoms and child adjustment: A prospective study spanning from middle childhood into adolescence.

Parental conflict and emotional insecurity: A test of cultural moderation among Chinese families. Emotional security among Chinese families: Validation of the security in the interparental subsystem scales. The role of family processes between parental dysphoria and adolescent adjustment: An 8-year longitudinal study. The role of social support in the relationship between family violence and suicidal tendency: A test of competing hypotheses. Paternal psychological well-being on child development: Paternal negative expressiveness as a mediator.

Bergman, K. The impact of parental substance use and intimate partner violence on adolescent adjustment: An emotional security perspective. Disclosing more publicly is linked to better mental health. Cheung , R. Anger regulation and depression among Asian and European American undergraduates. Stigma reduction of Schizophrenia: A cognitive approach. Labeling effects on public stigma towards schizophrenia. Help-seeking for psychological problems in Hong Kong: Application of the theory of planned behavior. Sense of community in Hong Kong: Analysis at the citizen and community levels.

Attributional model of stigma on social support and quality of life among HIV patients. Won the Young Investigator Award for paper presented. Hui, E. Perceptions of adolescent medical decision-making by healthy secondary school teenagers and their parents in Hong Kong. Music training and psychological well-being among early adolescents in Hong Kong. Clements-Cortes Eds. Proceedings of the 15 World Congress of Music Therapy. Special Issue of Music Therapy Today 13 1 , Chinese and English Reading Comprehension Difficulties.

Croucher Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Speech Perception and Reading Acquisition. Language Learning Dissertation Grant. Choi, W. Better than native: Tone language experience enhances second language English lexical stress discrimination in Cantonese-English bilinguals. Cognition , , Deng, Q. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2 , Within- and cross-language contributions of morphological awareness to word reading development in Chinese-English bilingual children.

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Reading and Writing , 31 8 , From lexical tone to lexical stress: A cross-language mediation model for Cantonese children learning English as a second language. Frontiers in Psychology , 8 , On the early neural perceptual integrality of tones and vowels. Journal of Neurolinguistics , 41 , Double dissociations in reading comprehension difficulties among Chinese-English bilinguals and their association with tone awareness.

Journal of Research in Reading , 40 2 , Lexical prosody beyond first-language boundary: Chinese lexical tone sensitivity predicts English reading comprehension. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology , , Yan, Z. Journal of Applied Measurement, 16 1 , Sam, K. Physical Education under the new curriculum reform in Hong Kong. Asian Journal of Physical Education and Recreation, 19 1 , Meier-Hedde Eds. What dyslexia policy and practices work for Chinese primary school children in Hong Kong?

Angela has extensive teaching experience working in Early years Education. Experience includes, working and training in London in the early years setting right through to primary age. Chung, L. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, , A Dialogue between Mentor and Mentee. Jyvaskyla, Finland. Lau, G. The 63rd O. World Conference, Hong Kong. James Catholic Kindergarten on 5 July, School Manager, Kam Kong Kindergarten.

Cheung Chau Church. The Church of Christ in China Sep. Member of Education Development Committee. The Church of Christ in China Jan. Fong, C. What are the contributing cognitive-linguistic skills for early Chinese listening comprehension? Learning and Individual Differences, 59, Cognitive-linguistic skills contributing to reading comprehension in Chinese. Perspectives on Language and Literacy , 40 , Textual coherence monitoring in listening: Unique contribution to reading comprehension among Chinese beginning readers.

The roles of grammatical and narrative discourse skills in emergent reading comprehension among Chinese preschoolers. Early predictors of dyslexia in Chinese children: Familial history of dyslexia, language delay, and cognitive profiles. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry , 52 , Reading with meaning: The contributions of meaning-related variables at the word and subword levels to early Chinese reading comprehension.

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The relative contribution of word-specific and word-general knowledge to early word reading and reading comprehension in Chinese preschoolers. Regina, Canada B. Han, Christina C. Transforming Learning and teaching: Promote well- rounded children development through Picturebooks and e-resources. Integrated curriculum in Hong Kong kindergartens — Two Case studies. PI , To, T. Han, C. Maximizing technology use in early childhood settings: leadership strategies. Use of digital social network for preschool management. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 12 1 , Learning through social media: insight, information and interaction.

Media Education Research Journal , 3 2 , International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education , 1 2, Preservar a capacidade de lideranca atraves de tecnologias de midia: rumo a perspectiva de rede social. Leadership roles of a pre-school principal in the use of information and communication technology: a Hong Kong experience. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, Vol. Kong, T. Wong, M. Yang, C. Tse Eds. Singapore: Springer. Kong, S. The scholarship of learning and teaching at HKIEd.

Empowering reflective learning: Blogging with blackboard. Sustaining leadership capacity via media technologies: Towards social network perspective. E-leadership training for early childhood principal. A case study of using e-learning in Hong Kong early childhood education. A case study of a preschool leader in the use of information technology in school. Perceptions of early childhood education administrators in the use of information technology. Dilemmas of Hong Kong kindergarten principals in developing teaching and learning activities with information technologies.

Young children Learning with technologies. Team building in the changing times. Staff development workshop for Man Sang College Kindergarten section. Sept - Three Teacher development training seminars for Cherish English school and kindergarten and Jacob Chinese Anglo kindergarten. Nov Theories and practices for whole language development. Annual staff development seminar for S.

Aug New applications of information technologies in Hong Kong kindergartens. The roles of preschool leaders and teachers in the use of computers with Young Explorers. Sept — June Creative use of ICT in early childhood education. Strategic Managemnt and human resource management in early childhood organization. Series of seminars presented in the Principal-ship course for kindergarten principals and child care centre supervisors, sponsored by Education Manpower Bureau.

Integrating ICT in college teaching. Effective use of ICT in college teaching. Before joining the Institute in , she was Lecturer and Programme Leader of early childhood education at a local university. Her research interests include school leadership, education policy, curriculum and pedagogy, and early childhood education. She is an active researcher in the field of school leadership for change. She has won research grants for investigating the practices of school leadership from General Research Fund.

Many of her research projects are concerned with the role of leadership in leading school-level change. She has written extensively on issues of school leadership, curriculum change, education policy, and teacher development. She has published book chapters, articles in leading international, peer reviewed journals. Her publications have led to the professional community to rethink the role of leadership in the process of school development. For knowledge transfer, since she has been invited by the Curriculum Development Institute of Education Bureau to conduct teacher education workshops on Assessment for Learning as a measure to support the field of early childhood education to implement the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum.

She has worked as consultant for school development projects to advance the practices of local pratitioners for sustainable professional growth. To support the future development of early childhood teacher education, she also serves as external examiner and advisor for local and overseas universities. Dora acts as a teacher, inspiring younger generation. In addition to educating early childhood students at all levels at the Institute, she provides mentorship and support to graduates to excel themselves in future career. Under her guidance, her postgraduate students have made contributions to the development of early childhood education through their research work.

Dora Ho , Dr. Tikly To He, P. International Journal of Leadership in Education. Ying, I. Developing pre-service teachers as leaders: A case of early childhood education in Hong Kong. Craig Eds. Campbell Barr, V. The quest for quality early childhood education and care: Leadership in a changing political context in England and Hong Kong. Georgeson and J. Payler Eds. Educational Management, Administration and Leadership Journal reviewer, The professionalization of early childhood education in Hong Kong: Education reform after , in Lau, G. Foot-tracks of philosophers and their theoretical perspectives on early childhood curriculum and practice , Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Education, Behind the starting line: Building capacity in early childhood education.

How does effective leadership work in Chinese preschools?

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  8. Identifying leadership roles for quality in early childhood education programmes. Teacher participation in curriculum and pedagogical decision in Hong Kong preschools: Identifying the problems and possibilities. Reflections on the philosophy of collaboration in Reggio Emilia schools: Implications for school-based professional development in Hong Kong preschool settings. A case study on the transition programmes for preschool children to primary education: empowering or disempowering? China Daily Asia Training for St. Siu Leun School December Emotional Needs of Children with Chronic Illness — Seminar for the educational officer, play worker and 9 social workers of the Children's Cancer Foundation, June PI , Leung, W.

    Enhancing children's learning and development through integrated multi media educational programmes. Lai, Y. Assessment using young children portfolio: A case study in Hong Kong preschools.

    Early Childhood Studies, 3rd Edition: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction

    Collaborative professional development for capacity building in blended and online learning and teaching in HK. What exactly is STEM in early childhood education? It seems everywhere. Every Child. Manuscript submitted for publication. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education , 38 3 , Cheng, Y. L, Hu, X. Using tablet computer in the early childhood education: the experience in Hong Kong In Chinese. Huang, M. Zhao, L. Tai Eds. Wong Ed. Using picture books to teach in kindergarten through experimental-based learnin g. Hong Kong, 30 November -2 December, Adopting interactive media in preschool setti ngs.

    Hong Kong, , July Using picture books to explore effective Putonghua learning strategies in an international kindergarten. Hong Kong, 24, June Hong Kong, 28, May Using interactive media in early childhood education. Hong Kong, , June The innovation of school-based curriculum: A mechanism for developing in a long whole day kindergarten in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong, , November. Jacksonville, March. Exploring pre-service teachers to integrate ICT into teaching and learning. Hui, L.

    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)
    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)
    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)
    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)
    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)
    Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition) Early Childhood Studies: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Introduction (3rd Edition)

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