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Awakening the Dragon

He becomes angry, but Adrian intervenes and breaks up the argument. You and your friends enjoy the ball, dancing and sampling the food an drinks.

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Later, you can choose to explore Marcel's castle, visiting garden with Kamilah , the library with Adrian, or both. When you retire to your room, Adrian realizes he has misplaced his keycard. You hear a scream and Marcel's castle is then invaded by ferals. The six council members engage the ferals and Adrian orders you and Lily have to hide. You take shelter in a pantry with human members of Marcel's household staff, who help you hold the door closed. Marcel soon begins banging on the door, saying that the ferals are slaughtering the vampires still outside and begging to be let in. You and Lily try to save Marcel, but he is torn apart by the ferals.

When the fight begins to die down, you and Lily attempt to lead the human staff in a break for freedom, but they are too frightened to leave your hiding spot. You and Lily run from the pantry alone. Perhaps for anyone who may feel challenged as to why yet another spiritual cosmology has arisen from human consciousness, one could consider The Sophia Code as simply a love letter from the Source reminding us of how precious we are.

For it seems we need as many love letters as we can receive in these days of great planetary change.

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The Sophia Code will challenge many belief systems on a multitude of subjects, including reconsidering the highest order of Seraphim angels as crystalline dragon mothers. We must remember that, not so long ago, we as a species were all convinced that the world was flat and that we were the only planet in the cosmos. In the not-so-distant past, some of us were even willing to die or kill others for those oppressive beliefs to be rigidly maintained. In my spiritual quest, it was riveting for me that the light of Source spoke to me as a parthenogenetic Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, flanked by pearlescent ivory-scaled dragon angels and the most epic Ascended Master best friends that I could ever ask for.

Sophia straight up shattered the wounded remnants of patriarchal religious conditioning that I endured in my youth — and would continue to do so for years to come as I channeled The Sophia Code Curriculum to become a vibrant modern Mystery School that now serves an ever-growing international community. I find that the more I relax into the truth that I have every right to share this living transmission, the more that I relax into sharing its blessing with those who are asking for it.

This is not a cosmology for gurus, disciples, or worshipping something outside of ourselves. It is a lineage of the purest light that reflects the one sovereign divine light that we all are as the one body of Sophia Christ — for we already are the heaven of our innate divinity within the earth of our shared humanity. May we respect, enjoy, and delight in both our similarities and differences of spiritual belief.

May our courageous embodiments respect one another as the infinite, holy perspectives that all arise from the One Source. Our unique perspectives forever proclaim the unlimited wilderness of God consciousness that can never be contained but always remembered through direct communion. This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented to Kaia Ra a great commission to write the word of their living transmission on sovereignty as a Divine Feminine Christ codex from Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life.

After years of secluded intensive training with the Ascended Masters, Kaia Ra publicly revealed The Sophia Code material in that she began to channel following this event in Balthazar was killed by Aurene and the Pact Commander, however, and his magic was absorbed by Kralkatorrik and Aurene who both flew off. As Kralkatorrik flew south, [36] the color of his crystals had changed and he brought a dead devourer back to life to brand it, indicating that he had acquired new powers from absorbing the magic of the other Elder Dragons.

Aurene, too, grew significantly after absorbing the magic. Kralkatorrik began experimenting on his new powers, sending Brandstorms throughout the Crystal Desert region, and believed to roost on mountains west of the Domain of Kourna , but it was soon revealed that the Crystal Dragon had abandoned Tyria by traveling into the Mists with the magic gained from Balthazar and began feeding on the entire multiverse.

Together with the Pact , Olmakhan , Zephyrites and their other allies, the Dragon's Watch guild succeeded in tracking and luring Kralkatorrik out of the Mists to trap the dragon underneath Thunderhead Peaks in AE. The battle ended disastrously; Aurene and many other combatants were killed and the guild's morale was shattered until Aurene was brought back to life by means of magic from the lich Palawa Joko whom she had devoured in Gandara. Coming to understanding the meaning of Aurene's visions and prophecies of both Glint and Kralkatorrik, the guild renewed their efforts to track and trap Kralkatorrik one more time.

After a dragonflight through the Mists, Aurene and her champion destroyed Kralkatorrik's wing and brought him back to Tyria once more, preventing Tyrian magic in his possession from dissolving into the Mists and partially burying the Elder Dragon into Clashing Seas under chunks of isles torn from the god realms of Melandru 's lost domain , Grenth 's Underworld , and Balthazar's Fissure of Woe.

Kralkatorrik's life finally came to conclusion after Aurene and her champion traversed into the Elder Dragon's maw, released the excess magic within and destroyed Kralkatorrik's tormented heart with a true Dragonsblood Spear.

1 - The Book of the Beginnings

In the presence of his grandchild, Kralkatorrik accepted the death he had once prophesied and welcomed respite from the haunting magical torment, while Aurene emerged as a fully fledged Elder Dragon. Size comparison of all Elder Dragon and dragon champion models as of All or Nothing. Size comparison of Zhaitan to dragon lieutenants, The Glory of Tyria , and Zhaitan's original incomplete model. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the Elder Dragons.

For the in-game book, see The Elder Dragons. For other dragons, see Dragon. Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2. Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Living World Season 3. This key section of the article is incomplete. You can help the Guild Wars 2 Wiki by expanding it. Reason: Expand with more instances of protecting from dragon corruption as shown in Season 2, Path of Fire etc. Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the personal story , Living World and all expansions. Reason: There must be more information about the previous dragonrise than this out there.

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  5. Kormir: A mortal hero led a mission to stop him, and against all odds, succeeded. But then Kormir: The surge of power upended the balance of magic in Tyria, and stirred Primordus from his slumber—triggering this latest cycle of destruction. For Mordremoth, that's mind and plants. Zhaitan ruled shadow and death. They're more than creatures. Ogden Stonehealer: They're part of nature's workings. They rise and fall on a cycle that spans millennia.

    Dark Alpha's Awakening

    Ogden Stonehealer: Much of what we know about them comes from a document written by the first humans to walk the face of Tyria: the Scroll of the Five True Gods. Ogden Stonehealer: The brotherhood believed that she would one day become an Elder Dragon. She was old and wise, well on her way. They are actual people. And Aurene is our window into that. That's how the Commander and everybody else knows it because now they know Aurene, they know a dragon the way they never knew one before.

    Taimi: A unique respective weakness. Josso Essher: Each has a distinct flaw. Josso Essher: Mordremoth, for example, dominates thought. But its most powerful asset—its mind—is also its greatest liability. Josso Essher: Kralkatorrik's unique strength—its power to crystalize objects—is also its singular weakness. Josso Essher: Its creations share a fundamental resonance that connects them back to the crystal dragon and makes them vulnerable to each other. Ravenous, they rise. Sated, they sleep. Sadizi: Glint and the Forgotten set out to break this cycle of extremes and to restore true balance.

    Sadizi: But when two Elder Dragons were unexpectedly eliminated from the cycle at one time, we believe it created a void. Sadizi: A void that caused the system to break down and the collapse to begin. Eyes glowed bright blue. The beams splashed across Eir, Garm, Snaff, and Zojja. They shielded their eyes, but the monster was seeping into their minds.

    Mordremoth had its minions, the sylvari, right? But it was able to create more, new ones from the dead! That power came from Zhaitan! Taimi: Killing Zhaitan caused the other dragons to absorb the death spectrum, but we only saw it in Mordremoth because it was active. Taimi: Then we killed Mordremoth, and now Primordus has absorbed some of the death and planty-ness! I think Taimi: Maybe proximity matters, and since Jormag's so far away, it didn't receive as much Mordy juice.

    I should have anticipated that such a high dose of concentrated magic would only strengthen the minion. Scholar Krasso: This test proved that we are all imperiled, particularly those of us possessing large magical stockpiles. Professor Gorr: Unquestionably.

    On the bright side, this is the breakthrough I've been looking for: proof positive that my theory is valid. Professor Gorr: These readings are conclusive: the more magic we gave it, the more was absorbed.

    The Arcane Council can't possibly deny the correlation. They also hold a larger quantity of magic. More of Zhaitan's will, perhaps?

    Psychic Awakening

    Zhaitan's infused them with tremendous energy. See how the weapon affects them! Elite Dominated Deadeye. She then concealed many of the elder races from the dragons.

    Britton (The Awakening, #3) by Abby Niles

    Warden Illyra: This artifact once belonged to the Forgotten. The golden seal matches those from the Crystal Desert. Warden Illyra: More importantly, it has remained uncorrupted either by Orr's long immersion or by Zhaitan. Warden Illyra: This is important. It means that some sort of protection is possible!

    Robert King: The dragon's great eyes went gray.

    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)
    Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1) Dragons Awakening (High Council Book 1)

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