DNA Topoisomerase Protocols

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Read DNA Topoisomerase Protocols, Part 1: DNA Topology and Enzymes (Methods in Molecular Biology,

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Avbryt Send e-post. Les mer. DNA topoisomerases are ubiquitous in nature and have been shown to play critical roles in most p- cesses involving DNA, including DNA replication, transcription, and rec- bination. These enzymes further constitute the cellular targets of a number of clinically important antibacterial and anticancer agents. Thus, further studies of DNA topology and DNA topoisomerases are critical to advance our und- standing of the basic biological processes required for cell cycle progression, cell division, genomic stability, and development.

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Klein, Paul T. Sedimentation Analysis of Bacterial Nucleoid Structure.


Stacie J. Froelich-Ammon, Paul S. Kingma, Neil Osheroff.

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Immunoblot Analysis and Band Depletion Assays. Back Matter Pages Described by expert experimentalists who have perfected the techniques, these unfailingly reproducible methods utilize new approaches to study changes in DNA topology linking number, knotting, catenation, and relaxation and DNA structure bending , as well as to assess chromosome structure through FLP-mediated recombination and to analyze bacterial nucleoid structure.

Topoisomerase 1 and 2

State-of-the-art protocols also detail the expression and purification of bacterial, viral, and eukaryotic DNA topoisomerases from a variety of sources, including baculovirus, and bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression systems. DNA Topoisomerase Protocols, I: DNA Topology and Enzymes will be of immense value to the many basic scientists and clinicians who want better to understand and to exploit proficiently the wealth of recent discoveries about chromatin structure and its relation to gene expression, about DNA topoisomerases as the targets of antitumor and antibacterial agents, and about DNA repair.

Editors and affiliations. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville.

DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols
DNA Topoisomerase Protocols

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