Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life

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Buy As Gift. Overview Award-winning humorist Diana Estill explains why "family that doesn't kill you makes you stronger," women won't read maps, and men should never use the B-word: "budget. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road:. Hilarious explanations for why men grill, women want denim, your bedmate won't stop snoring, and Hilarious explanations for why men grill, women want denim, your bedmate won't stop snoring, and other socially intriguing questions from the award-winning author of Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life.

Personal slices of life served in the spirit of Erma View Product. I will achieve my first goal to publish on March 26th, but my main goal is that if I can at least help one reader escape for a few hours and they feel satisfied after reading my book, then I'm happy. Both Jace and Dyllan can be jealous and insecure. Both are hot tempered, but sweet at the same time. Dyllan blurts everything that enters her brain and Jace never says enough.

It's a story of firsts. As Dyllan attempts to navigate through her first summer of adulthood, she's planning for summer fun, but is forced to make adult decisions. Her journey has its drama, comedy, and of course love.

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It is suggested only for readers above the age of 18 due to adult language and scenes. The F-bomb may be used some. I shook my head and feigned disappointment and quickly retorted,. I knew he thought I was going to talk about his man parts! Gosh, even my Jace couldn't get over his man parts. I continued further, "and your big, no that doesn't do it justice, your huge He jutted his nose towards the ceiling and huffed in feign disgust. He replied with a devilish smile on his face as we pulled into my driveway, "Ego, huh?

Krooked & Skewed

Well well well! I reached for the door and he was quick to match my actions. I ran for the front porch to evade the. He caught me quickly by the waist and tackled me to the ground. His hands reached up and began to assault each muscle that rested between my ribs. I was in a fit of giggles to the point that I began snorting at fairly loud decibels.

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I hope you enjoyed the little piece of their world. Thank you in advance for helping me live out my dream! Also started a story for one of the main characters in AMHE, but it may ruin the story to tell you now. A Minor Happy Ending on smashwords.

Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life by Diana Estill | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Shaan Ranae on Facebook. Shaan Ranae on Twitter. Tuesday, March 22, 2 Giveaways on Goodreads. Check it out:. Description: This book is the third book of the Julius Romeros Extravaganza series about the bearded girl and her circus family. In this leg of their journey they are trying to escape an evil ringleader and get the kidnapped septuplets back home to their family.

In Short: The Julius Romeros Extravaganza series features a feel-good story line, a unique and unforgettable cast, tons of action, adventure and excitement, laughs, happy-tears, and awesome animal characters. It is simply a brilliant book series and this was my favorite book of the series.

Although you could read it without reading the first two you would miss out on too much character back story and not be able to fully appreciate the perfect ending this book has.

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Pros: This book is perfectly paced, I actually read it in one night because of how engrossing it was. It had the best ending which featured one resolution I had been hoping to see from book one! The ending was absolutely satisfying including many great resolutions and opportunities for our band of heroes. I was excited to see that this story featured a sweet love story or two which was fitting as our hero's story wraps up.

It is a very unique tale that is well written and clean. I think all ages would enjoy this series. Part 3 Paperback. Part 3 Kindle. I was sent a free copy of this book in return for my honest review. Description: Orbs is a tale of an alien invasion and the handful of survivors that found themselves quarantined in a state of the art facility.

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It is a Sci Fi Thriller filled with danger and a ton of questions about just what the heck is going on. In Short: Overall this is an interesting story with non-stop action that will keep you drawn in. If you are a big sci-fi fan you'll most likely want to get the entire series because this one book alone wont give you the full story. It begins in medias res in the middle of things with our main character already en-route on a dangerous ride to a mysterious destination. The fast paced style of writing is engaging right at the start. For a while you watch the events unfold with curiosity until it leads up to a classic alien invasion scenario.

Pros: The pacing is incredibly fast so you never get bored. It has an excellent knack for getting the reader hooked and unable to put the book down. I finished this book very quickly because of how fast paced it was. The "Orbs" are an interesting and terrifying new concept. The alien breeds are interesting and I'm curious what other aliens will be in the following books.

There is interesting technology used in the story and I also enjoy a fun AI character who shows signs of evolving.

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The main character is a strong woman who is likable and a good leader, I found myself genuinely caring about her struggle. This book blends sci-fi and horror and manages to balance being dark and light. As grim as things may seem at times there are also victories and in the end there is hope for our heroes. This book does a good job of taking you on an emotional ride with a lot of downright scary and tense moments. This book is written more like a movie than a novel and as a result you can see it playing out in your head even as the cross-cuts move you to a new time and place with each chapter.

There is much potential for the character development to continue into the next book. The foundation is already there with the revealing of the character's origins. There are elements of many genres in this book making it diverse and adding to its overall quality. There is for sure sci-fi, as well as elements of suspense, thrill, action, adventure, horror and even some romance hidden under all the turmoil.

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I think this book would be very appealing to those who like alien invasion sci-fi novels set in dystopian, post apocalyptic Earth. Cons: Alone this book does not have a satisfactory ending. I felt there was no real resolutions. However, I imagine you discover that further into the series. For example, there is the typical hacker guy who is socially inept, his back-story is classic, attended MIT, recruited by the government, but unfortunately he never really does much with his skills throughout the story.

He stresses the importance of taking basic business courses and the need for a good business plan, knowing that even during a bad economic climate there is money to be made. In his latest book he outlines some of the key issues that entrepreneurs face, including transitioning from a job to ownership, finding clients, defining the business, looking for where people need what you have to offer, and deciding who you can trust. Jeffrey Taylor is a man who has walked the talk. He is the founder of Jeffrey Taylor Group , a holding company for various operating businesses that range from film and TV production advisor to operating a luxury cruise agency.

He is also no stranger to the self-help book market and has previously published two textbooks on the equipment leasing industry, as well as a fascinating autobiography on his life as a recovering alcoholic A Gentleman Drunk. In between his busy business schedule, he finds time to give back to the community by teaching commercial real estate courses. Visit his web sites at: www. Timely material — timeless advice. Looking forward to reading it again and again. It was informative and entertaining, and as a recent er myself, I found it very helpful.

Another winner. Way to interject recovery with everyday life laced with personal experience and knowledge backed up with research. Fox Island, WA — Every person on this planet wants to experience Heaven on Earth and be able to look at normal, everyday things and find beauty and absolute joy in each and every one of them. Robinson , a man who has devoted his entire life to getting answers in order to find this Heaven on Earth. He has spent the better part of his personal and professional life exploring the relationship between psychology, spirituality, mysticism, and religion, and knows that the presence and experience of Heaven on Earth is the greatest secret on the spiritual path.

To mystics the pathway is obvious, but in the minds of the majority it is believed to be inconceivable. It means opening minds to explore the beauty in everyday things the way children are able to do, when innocence and acceptability are not blocked by thoughts or preconceived notions. It means that as a child, pretty much what we see is what we get! As adults, we become too busy to stop and really see the divine world; we only see what we think.

In this thought world, we allow concepts, beliefs, stereotypes and prejudices to filter our experience so completely that we have totally stopped witnessing the beauty of what is right there before us. If the scene or subject is not instantly visually appealing, we see hardship, struggle, danger, and anything else negative that our thoughts can conjure up. Finding Heaven Here offers hope for anyone who truly wants to be able to find and enjoy life in a Heaven that really is here on Earth!

In this heightened consciousness, people and things become incredibly beautiful, infinitely precious, and imminently holy. Remember, narcissists have two things in common: they depend on a significant other to provide the ego-stroking they crave, and they are addicted to attention. Fear not. Help is on the way! Given the right tools, women will be better equipped to avoid such involvements in the first place. Candace V. She provides a practical and hopeful approach for any woman dealing with this type of man.

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The result is a compelling narrative…makes for a riveting tour de force of the tortured landscapes of the la-la lands of malignant self-love. Home About Ascot Contact Us. Posted in New Books Washington, D. To wit: The United States is losing the War on Terror We cannot win unless we fundamentally change our approach Jihadist ideology is an illegitimate interpretation of Islam, offers a bankrupt future, and we have the tools to marginalize it Berman is an expert on regional security in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Russian Federation.

Posted in New Books Murphy, Texas — Come up with a diet that really works, and the world will beat a path to your door.

Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life
Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life
Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life
Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life
Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life Deedee Divines Totally Skewed Guide to Life

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