Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)

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His superpower is 'non-conventional', as are those of his two new best friends, but lessons in supervillain-spotting and tight-wearing mean they are soon ready to defeat the evil Green Meanie Each adventure will be heavily illustrated throughout with fantastic art by Nigel Baines, for truly brilliant comic-book style fun.

Trolls Go Home! After a nasty incident with a goat, the Troll family are forced to leave their native Norway and make a new home somewhere else. Unfortunately they choose the quiet suburb of Biddlesden. Faced with the prospect of 'Baked Beans' for dinner, and the awful spectre of 'The Shower', things are going to get ugly and possibly hairy and smelly, too.

But worst of all, they have moved next door to the Priddle family. Big mistake. Trolls United! Ulrik is desperate to be on the school football team, but he doesn't really understand the rules, and his neighbour Warren Priddle certainly isn't about to explain to the troll next door that wellington boots are not the right footwear, and being Fierce and Scaresome will only get you a red card!

Dirty Bertie: Worms! In this trio of troublesome tales, Bertie tries to get out of attending a pink party, struggles to be polite for an entire day, and puts his green thumb to the test in a flower-arranging competition. Goat Pie. Little does he know his parents have spun a few white lies about life in Biddlesden - its forests, mountains and healthy troll population. Fresh from Norway Grumpa is looking forward to seeing their wonderful new home.

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He isn't prepared for suburbia, or worse still - people. But most distressing of all, with no real forest where will they catch the goat for their traditional festive goat pie? They decide to steal a goat from the local farm, but when they bring the goat home, Grumpa doesn't react in quite the way they expected - is that fear in his eyes. Dirty Bertie: Fleas! This time, his trio of adventures feature a flea-ridden the dog, a dangerous dare at school, and a shiny red fire engine.

Trolls on Vacation.


It's summer and all of Ulrik's school friends seem to be going on something called "vacation," so Mr. Troll decide to investigate. Their neighbors, the Priddles, have just bought a camper, and it seems the Troll family has been invited to join them. When they arrive at the campsite and the Priddles open the camper to discover it full of trolls, they don't seem very pleased. But this is the least of their worries, as stories of a wild, sheep-devouring Beast on the loose near their campsite start to surface, and Ulrik finds himself helping to solve a hairy, scary local mystery. Thunderbot's Day of Doom.

Our heroes, Stan, Minnie, Miles and, of course, Pudding the Wonder Dog, face their toughest challenge yet — a weatherman gone bad! Thunderbot is determined to hold the country to ransom by controlling the weather — he even threatens to put the Queen in danger! With gadgets a-plenty, our young superheroes must battle through ice, snow, tornadoes and lightning strikes — but can they save the day? Custardly Wart: Pirate third class. At the Dankmarsh School for poor orphans, the childen sleep four to a bed and exist on watery porridge.

Teachers don't last long, and so when a new one arrives they are intrigued, especially since he has an eyepatch a huge moustach and calls himself the Captain. Miss Scrubshaw interviews him for the post, though he and his cousin 'Mr Mate' seem most interested in the ancient map on her wall. The Captain introduces new lessons: compass use, swordcraft and biscuit identification.

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On a school trip to visit the Black Barnacle, a ship owned by an 'old pal', the Captain gives Miss Scrubshaw the slip and it dawns on the children that the ship has cast off, and they are the new crew! Bound, they discover, for Doom Island and a perilous quest for hidden treasure, at the mercy of the Captain and his dastardly plan Honesty Wart: Witch Hunter! Life for Honesty and his sisters Mercy and Patience is not a bundle of laughs. His family are strict Puritans and singing, dancing and anything that sounds like fun is forbidden.

The Top 10 Asian Comic Book Characters Of All Time! Jubilee, Dr. Aphra, Amadeus Cho

Life, Honesty thinks, can't get much worse when Christmas is cancelled by order of the government. Ditherus Wart: accidental Gladiator. Based on the dubious members of the Wart family tree, each book will focus on the adventurous life and turbulent times of a different 'Wart' from pirate to gladiator as he or she experiences the peculiar misfortunes which befall all Warts throughout the centuries.

Book 1 is set in Roman times. Emperor Porcus Maximus is coming for dinner and so Ditherus and his faithful slave Punio are sent by Ditherus's mother to market for supplies.

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But Ditherus is tempted into buying a sword from a mysterious peddler. Searched by centurion Marcus Furius when he gets home, Ditherus is thrown into prison when the sword is discovered and sentenced to death as a traitorous thief with Punio. At the last minute Gutsus the gladiator arrives, looking to buy new recruits.

If ever Ditherus needed a cunning plan, it's now Old Grumbly, a massive volcano that looms over the Urk valley, has begun to rumble and many Urks fear The End of the World is nigh. They agree that the only way to avoid catastrophe is for someone to climb the volcano and make an offering to the ancestors.

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Preferably, this someone should be the Urk selected to succeed Chief Hammerhead at the momentous Anointing Ceremony. Now Borg can implement his latest plan to snatch control of the Urk tribe for himself, with the help of the Noneck tribe we met in the first book in the series, Oi, Caveboy!. This effect allows head shots only to kill the enemy.

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Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)
Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)
Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)
Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)
Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)
Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3) Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School, Book 3)

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