Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity

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Macrame for Beginners and Beyond 24 Easy. In Stock. Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium Flip the mix-and-match patterns to make and dre The Big Book of Crochet Stitches. Color Block Knits 35 self-striping designs knitted with cake yarn Crochet Creations Crochet Creation Sets. Item Added: Crochet Pink. View Wishlist. Letha Cross. I belong to a charity group on yahoo. I know we have military links in our place. Have a great day Birgit. Donna B, LOL, never going to happen. I find myself in the yarn section, just to look! And my stash keeps growing. LOL Did you do the baby hats?

I got hooked on those. Have a great day! On Nov 5, by father past away. He was in a va nurseing home.

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For the month of July I have been crocheting scrafs for the ventriens at the home. I will donate them in his name. I picked July because on the 15th she was dead 31 years. So i am doing it in both there mereny. I have crocheted afghans for a local charity Seton House for the past 2 years. My sister has crocheted afghans for them for several years.

We used to give them about 20 one per kid , but they recently doubled in size over 40 kids so I found a quick pattern with bulky yarn and P hook that works up in 15 hours. My sister likes to experiment with new designs and stitches so her afghans are all different while mine are just different color combinations in bulky yarns. I do a lot of knitting for a hospital in Cincinnati — a good friend is a social worker there, handling all the deaths and they have a great need for little burial outfits for the fetal demise families.

I knit a bunch while here in Thailand — and then take them to the US when I go — this time it will be in September. I am always knitting something. I am am goig to send out some chemo hats and have decided to make two scarves for Project Red. It was so awesome to read about all the differnt ways to contribute. Thank you so much! I started crocheting for Project Linus several years ago, but only able to do 2 or three.

Friends found out and contributed yarn. Never enough though for afghans,and some baby yarn, so I started preemie caps with baby yarn and regular sized caps for whoever needs them. Am now looking into some of your charities. Have done over preemie caps this year so far. We can all do something for someone somewhere. We provide new handmade blankets to sick and traumatized children. I plan on making a blanket over the few next weeks and hopefully I will receive blankets that others have made, to be distributed to children in need of a big hug in the Philadelphia area.

Thank you for always having a charity feature in your regular newsletter. We just started a prayer shawl ministry at our church. We have given away five shawls so far, and have at least 25 people in need on our list. We are a small group, but it is my personal vow to make no less than three prayer shawls a month. We are also considering chemo caps and baby blankets for the local hospital. Basically, wherever the good Lord tells us our talents are needed. The need is always greater than our supply, but cancer is so limited that it can never defeat love, faith and caring.

It started with just a handful of moms and tots getting together for coffee and play once a week, and has grown into a huge learning and support resource since then.

Prayer Shawls for All: Free Knit and Crochet Patterns

The blanket was raffled off, and I got a chance to make one of the cute baby projects I love—so not only the meditative projects are good picks for charity—there are uses for the complicated ones too. I started to crochet as a hobbie and find it very relaxing after a full day of treating patients. Being a physician is a calling, and I feel that I have been called to use this as a ministry as well.

I have shared this with my mother-Norma, who just started to crochet as well, and she is eager to join in. We have selected the AHRC charity as it reaches out to young and old with developmental disabilties. I have pledged to do 2 hooded baby afghans and my mother is donating a prayer shawl and has just finished an afghan. Thank you. We are always looking for new Angels. We are local,country and worldwide. Check us out. Have a great day Birgit!

What a wonderful idea, and how wonderful to read all of the ways so many people are already crocheting and knitting for charity! I just began myself after an article appeared in our local paper about a new charity called Baby Blessings for preemie babies in our area. Since reading it, I crocheted 5 blankets and hats that I already donated, and have two more finished and two in progress.

I searched for free patterns on-line and found many, all of which can be used for charity. From those, I learned how to change my own favorite baby blanket patterns to fit the sizes required for preemies. I retired two years ago, but take care of our 11 month old grandson, so I stick to the easier patterns that I can pick up and put down without worrying about where I am in the pattern. I find it so relaxing to crochet or knit but the crocheting is easier right now , and have been so happy to have this to do!

When I first retired, I started delivering Meals on Wheels, but had to give it up last year to take care of our infant grandson. I have read the posts with interest about the prayer shawls for cancer patients, and plan to look into that.

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I just did a search and found some patterns on Lion Brand web site, along with note cards to include and I just find that so touching! I have decided to participant in two charity projects. She never let the nursing staff take it off her bed. She is doing great now and still sleep with the blanket on her bed but it is now under her pillow so the healing will continue to flow from the crown of her head to the rest of her body.

I use left over yarns to make caps, mittens, scarves and socks all year long. Knitting during my 30 minute train commute and while watching tv at nights means literally hundreds of items can be completed every year. I fact I have met people on my train who have been inspired by what I am doing and they have taken on similar endeavors. As for charities, I read the news and send the items where needed. Always check that they are wanted first Last year devastating blizzards in the Dakotas meant many items were sent to the Sioux Reservations.

You can pick a church, a school, or an organization such as Friends of Wounded Knee. I figure many of these women and children leave situations with just the clothes on their backs and need so many items. Though I do not have their addresses due to security concerns, most churches do and can deliver the items. I try to pick rural areas in the snow belt as warm items are needed, and in general there are not as many services available. The other hint — pick or develop patterns that can be easily adjusted. For example, I have created a simple sock pattern that can be used from infants to grown men.

I simply adjust needle size, yarn weight and number of stitches. This makes it possible to create more items more quickly. The beauty of all this is that it helps others, but it also helps me — emptying spare yarn drawers, meeting people, and simply enjoying the craft of knitting. I have a group here at work that knit or crochet during our lunch hour. We call ourselves the Knotty Knitters.

We make scarves, hats, shawls, warm-up America blankets, baby blankets etc. She takes a lot of items in and check on charities in need and send them what they need. Neat Lady! I am excited that you are doing this. I just finished a hat and I think I will do up a sweater to go with it. It is for a 9 month old baby. This will go for a Christmas gift for the shelter. This is such a great idea! I have been crocheting a and knitting since I was in elementary school. With the help of my assistant leaders we taught our girl scout troop to crochet some years ago. We crocheted squares and assembled a huge afghan, just about the time the afghan was finished a family in our area lost everything in a fire so we donated the afghan to them.

We also made quilts for our local hospital pediatrics ward. This has grown into a yearly community event. Although my scouts are now adults graduating from college, I hope they will continue service to others. My mind is also formulating a project for my school to become involved with involving knitting or crocheting.. For those yarnworkers searching for a worthy charity, might I suggest looking into donating to Native Americans through the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota?

The Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation has an excellent website with detailed information on items needed, addresses for mailing, etc. The plight of these poverty-stricken Americans needs our attention. Ladies, please help! We have made items for our local homeless shelter, animal shelters, Warm-Up America, Caps to the Capital, and preemie units of hospitals in our area. I am purchasing at least one skein of Lion Wool each time I buy yarn, to make these squares.

The organization prefers wool for the children who are around open fires in the camps, because wool is self-extinguishing. They will accept synthetics also for those children who are in care. I feel good thinking my squares will go into blankets to keep little ones warm. It is a great way to use up leftover yarn as well. I will donate it to their silent auction this fall.

The benefit is called Sweet Dreams. Hopefully someone will want to buy it and support this worthwhile organization. My 2 year old loves to rip my knitting off the needles. Anyway,we chose this charity because so many people out there have to deal with losses by themselves and it is nice to know that someone in our area has started a project like this, especialy due to their own personal experience and the willingness to change the outcome for others. Each year our Council of Catholic Women fills a cedar chest or decons bench to raffle off. The chest is displayed not only at church and church gatherings, but at the local bookstore and at a couple of craft fairs around the area.

We do the drawing at the Saturday Mass before Christmas. Tickets are sold to folks as far away as Washington and California. The money we raised in the past has been earmarked for a new kitchen which is now a reality. The chest is painted by one of us with a different theme each year. The rest of us get to fill it with just about every craft item you can imagine. We have even put the dry ingredients for muffins and soup in it. The community really looks forward to this chest raffle each year. They agreed and we recruited several staff members.

With special challenges issued monthly, i feel i cannot knit fast enough! I love this charity and what it is accomplishing around the world and to be a part of it is fulfilling. It is unusual for me not to weep when I read the monthly ezine that the charity puts out—sometimes tears of joy and sometimes tear of pure sadness.

They just do the work! This past week I sent a batch of squares and a few small knitted hats and plan to send more again this weekend. And I am blessed.

Crochet Pink: 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity

I am knitting for knit-a-square. I have recruited 55 third and fourth grade girls at the school where I am a tutor. The girls have asked that we start the Square Circle again this year and I am looking forward to more lunchtime knitting circles. I even put some needles and yarn in the faculty room and the teachers knit on a shared square during their lunch breaks! Thanks, Lion Brand, for introducing us to this wonderful organization! I donated 16 afghans last year and decided to continue because it just felt right!

I send them to the Mother Bear Project. Hey everyone!

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My first box has been posted at the crafty angel site. Still have most of the scarfs which will go out soon. I just read all of your comments and I must say I am proud to be part of the Lion Brand family, what wonderful people. I wil do hats and scarves. Thank you for the inspriation. A very inspiring post. We have three knitters in our family and would like to knit for a Native American charity…does anyone know of one?

Blessings to all — Susan in Maine.

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  • Zontee says: Hi Susan, as it says in the post, you can use our Charity Connection to locate charities even by key word. I will pay by piece and if you wanted you can use the money for charity. My name is Kristy please contact me by email if anyone is interested. Thank you and God Bless. Zontee says: Hi Kristy, you may want to post this sort of request on Ravelry.

    I have a few patterns of my own. What kind of turn around are you looking for? Please email me at wall. Simply print out the pattern, gather your materials, and work along with us each week, commenting on the new blog posts if you so choose. Hello to all, the contents present at this web site are actually awesome for people experience, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

    Every Stitch Makes a Difference. Share this post. In the next five weeks, join us as you: Pick a charity and gather materials Set your goals Share your progress with yarncrafters around the world Send off your finished contributions Please comment on this post and make a promise to make something for charity by the end of this summer.

    Dvora 16 Jul Funny that you picked this for now. Laurie 16 Jul I agree with Dvora…the timing of this is auspicious. Tammy 17 Jul I regularly knit for charity. Karen Angol 17 Jul This sounds like lots of fun. Blessings, Karen Zontee says: Hi Karen, someone had a good suggestion below. Karyn 17 Jul I have a couple of hats right now that I have finished and want to donate to stitches from the heart.

    Jaki 18 Jul This is good timing for me too. Kea Haynes 18 Jul I love this idea! Lindsay 18 Jul I decided to knit for The Snuggles Project, providing knit or crocheted blankets to shelter animals so they can have something to snuggle in in their cages.

    Original Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

    Sonja S 19 Jul Thanks so much for motivating us! Lisa 23 Jul Since starting knitting, 12 short weeks ago, I have wanted to do something for charity. Thanks for providing a place to share my knitting. Rebecca 23 Jul I am writing all the way from Australia where I have just finished crocheting small rugs which I have then sewn onto a fabric backing and fill with batting to make cat carrier cushions for my local cat haven.

    Barbie 23 Jul I am co-chair of Hats 4 Haddash in my development. Our oldest knitter is 90 yrs and is going strong. Susan 23 Jul I am knitting prayer shawls, and I am looking for a place in West Virginia to send them. Deanne 24 Jul I run a Ministry called Purls from the Heart our mission is to provide comfort to children and adults in need of physical and emotional support.

    Crochet Pattern* FLOWERS *

    Autumn A. Linda Chocholka 24 Jul I have always enjoyed crocheting baby blankets. Kim Yue 24 Jul I pledged this year to finally get to make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project the last two years I missed the deadline. Mary in Maine 24 Jul I have a shopping bag full of mittens, lab robes, and scarves which will go to our state homeless shelters I work for the state Housing Authority.

    Katie 24 Jul I am knitting hats for the local elementary schools in my area. Sara from My Merry Messy Life link party co-hostess extraordinaire! The Crochet for Cancer Crochet-a-Long is a wonderful opportunity to use crochet as a force of good, and to make it extra exciting, Red Heart Yarn has donated a lovely prize package for one super quick crocheter!

    Read on for details! The basic idea is, that over the next two weeks, you make 4 projects more if time allows! There are some gorgeous patterns here, but of course you can use any hat pattern you like! And then!

    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink  26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity
    Crochet Pink 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity

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