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How to make the perfect profiteroles. How to cook the perfect Gypsy tart. How to cook the perfect colcannon.

How to Make the Perfect Hot Dog Nathan's Style

How to cook the perfect lamb tagine. This much-loved Moroccan stew is an adaptable dish, here made rich and sticky with fruit and spice to complement tender, slow-cooked lamb. How to cook the perfect sweet and sour pork. Had enough of the sticky, sugary sauce found in high-street takeaways? Published: AM.

How to cook the perfect marmalade sponge — recipe. How to cook the perfect Irish stew. Cheap, simple and satisfying — Irish stew is the culinary equivalent of a big, woolly scarf. How to make the perfect zabaglione — recipe. Nicely Seasoned, absolutely crucial olive oil in that stops the pasta from sticking together.

Bring up some bowl, that's the rolling boil.

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The secret there it stops the pass from sticking together and it gently rolls it around. In association with Christmas Kitchen with James Martin.

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The secret to a cracking Christmas dinner is a thorough to-do list. The good news is we've written it for you!

Live Lobster – 3 lb

All the tricky planning is done. The menu is flexible, so you can pick and choose your favourite dishes. If you prepare a menu, shopping list and a schedule now, you'll find everything much easier. We've created a classic Christmas dinner menu including all the trimmings, but many recipes will work within the times provided so feel free to pick and choose as you see fit. Just take care with the turkey cooking times if you decide to use a different recipe — no one wants food poisoning for Christmas! If you have pets make a plan to keep them out of the kitchen — or your dinner might end up in the dog.

A few minutes spent planning now will save you hours — and a lot of stress — later. Clear out your fridge and freezer to make space for all your Christmas goodies. Overfilled fridges are ineffective, and you'll struggle to find what you need. Try to buy all non-perishable food and drink now to minimise spending time in crowded shops just before Christmas. Don't forget to sharpen your knives and stock up on basic kitchen equipment such as tin foil, cling film and food bags.

Soups are an easy option for Christmas starters as they can be made ahead and dressed up with luxurious toppings. If you're buying a frozen turkey this is your last chance as they take a few days to defrost. It's worth preparing a few dishes now so you can save your energies for the main event. Whatever you choose to make, ensure it can be served cold or easily reheated. Your freezer is your friend — soups, tart cases, even tiny fishcakes freeze well. This fudgy chocolate log can be stored in the fridge overnight and given a light dusting of icing sugar just before serving.

The countdown begins It's a good time to make an alternative pudding for Christmas Day — chocolate logs are always popular and can be stored in the fridge overnight. If you like trifle, this is the time to prepare it, but leave the whipped cream and toppings until the last minute.

How to cook roast beef - 4 rules for the perfect roast beef every time

Many hands make light work, so delegate whenever you can. Especially the jobs you hate — you are the manager of this operation after all. Enlist help from friends and family: there's a whole lot of peeling to be done. Put on your favourite Christmas tunes and get it out of the way.

The easy way to cook the perfect sirloin steak

Prepare all the vegetables now. Trim the sprouts, dry them and store in the fridge in food bags. Peel the parsnips, cut the smaller ones in half lengthways and the larger ones into quarters, store them in a bowl of water to prevent them browning. Peel the potatoes and cut into large chunks ready for roasting, then cover with water.


Part-cooking roast potatoes ahead ensures you have time to give them a good hot crisping while the turkey rests. If you part-roast your potatoes and parsnips now they can be finished while the turkey rests tomorrow. Unlike turkey, they cook best at a high temperature so you will get better results, as well as more oven space, and no last-minute panic. Simply roast the par-boiled vegetables as usual but remove them from the oven when they are pale golden-brown. Remove any excess fat from the roasting tray and let them cool completely before covering with foil and storing them in a cool place.

Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .
Cook the Perfect . . . Cook the Perfect . . .

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