Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling

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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling is not a typical textbook. It is a unique approach to teaching, written in a conversational and casual style in order to engage students. The book describes the weekly meetings of two young counseling graduate students and their mysterious mentor over the course of the academic year.

The underlying themes of the stories encompass the crucial components of counseling relationships, and the topics cover the concerns most commonly voiced by students during their early experiences with actual clients. The issues addressed include counselor self-care, the nature of counseling, empathy, perfectionism, ethics, and, of course, the magic of counseling! Although the text is written from a counseling point of view, it will prove useful to any clinical class in a closely related field, such as counseling psychology, clinical psychology, clinical social work, health promotion, or psychiatric nursing.

The text will also be beneficial to counselor trainees, experienced counselors interested in a refresher on basic skills, and potential clients who want to know more about counseling before they start seeing a counselor. Yager, Ph. In addition to the University of Cincinnati, Dr. But even humbug can have suggestive power. This suggestive power influences the behavior and decision of superstitious people to their disadvantage.

There really ought to be a law prohibiting this and all other forms of fortunetelling. Astrology has been responsible for a number of suicides and murders. Ex Another example came to my attention in a church in Brazil where, over the years, I have conducted three evangelistic campaigns. A young woman who was engaged to be married sought out an astrologer and had her horoscope cast. The astrologer wrote the following prediction: "Your engagement will break up. This man will not marry you. You will not marry at all, but remain single.

She was constantly worried that the engagement would break up and that she would never marry. She became overpowered by melancholia and resolved to put an end to her lif e. He was also ready to give his life to Christ. They were married, and today they have several children and are enjoying a happy marriage. In this case, Christ prevented the disaster which had been set afoot by the astrologer. Let us close with the words of the prophet Isaiah, chapter Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries,, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor any fire to sit before it. In about , the Arab Sheikh Ahmed founded the sect of the Sheikhs, which was eschatological in emphasis.

They awaited the return of the last Imam spiritual leader and interpreter of the Koran. In , the Sheikh declared himself to be the Bab gate of truth. His followers called themselves Babi. Persecuted by conservative Muslims and driven into a corner, the Babi separated themselves in from Islam. In , the Bab was shot. Martyrs of any sort unquestionably give added impetus to a movement. The Bab found a zealous and highly gifted successor in Mirza Husayn Ali, who was born in in Teheran, the son of a government minister.

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His life too was marked by persecutions, arrests, and even attempts to poison him. He was a very talented man. When he died in , his written works filled volumes. In his will, Ahmed appointed his son Abdul Baha as his successor. Although Abdul had never been to school, he spoke Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and had a wide knowledge of philosophy and theology. The Wilmette temple is architecturally the finest of all. While I was in Chicago on a lecture tour, Pastor Plaum took me to see this "drafty" building. He is one religious leader among others and not the Savior of mankind, the one and only ground of our salvation.

All religions, they say, are relative and express only a part of the truth. Therefore Buddha, Moses, and Jesus stand on the same level as Mohammed: as founders of religions. As far as Biblical teaching is concerned, this is unacceptable. Jesus says in John , "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Decalogue, the Biblical Ten Commandments. Outside the temple in Sydney is a tablet with the following inscription:. World-embracing faith. These twelve guidelines are extremely illuminating. Many parallels to them can be found.

This can even be noticed in a simple newspaper advertisement, like that in the Schorndorfer Blatt of May 15, This reads:. They have as their basic aim the unification of all nations on this planet. It is nothing less than a first-class preparation for the coming Antichrist, who will reduce everything to one common denominator: a single official language in the West at least , a single currency, a single centrally financed government, a single political system with a single head the Antichrist himself , a world court of justice, a single tax system. Every citizen will have a registered number, without which he will not be allowed to buy or sell; and there will be one universal world church.

Anyone who refuses to take part in this universal system is finished, and will have no right to exist. There are various views about the origin of the Antichrist. Luther said he would come from the papacy; others see Communism as his breeding ground. The majority hold that he must come from the Jews.

Others again think that the Antichrist will come from the ten kingdoms which will rise in the territory of the former Roman Empire. The future will reveal who was right. These events cannot be predicted with certainty. In the German physiologist, Hans Berger, discovered that the brain produces weak electrical impulses, which are related in frequency to the varying degrees of consciousness.

At the time the medical world took little notice of this discovery.

Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling, Hardcover

The following table illustrates the significance of the various frequencies:. This is the state of day-dreaming or hypnosis. New born babies are often in this state. In the USA, various movements have developed, using these calculations and their relation to the level of consciousness as a basis. One of these is "biofeedback research. Hahn of Los Angeles. The term biofeedback means biological renewal of life, enhancement of vitality, strengthening of energy. More than sixty firms in California have developed machines for regulating the electrical activity of the brain in connection with the method and goal of this research.

In particular the aim is to loosen excessive tension in the beta state. The idea is that people should live more in the alpha state. Hence the name of these technical devices: "alpha control" machines. Their program is defined as descent into alpha. Biofeedback is thus a new form of therapy. The aim is not only to bring the brain waves under control but also to control other unconscious body processes.

At first sight this appears to be a scientific method. But when one reads the literature about it, one becomes skeptical. Yogis, magicians, hypnotists, and other workers with the occult are constantly mentioned. A small example from an article by Dr. Ex Dr. Elmer Green at Menninger Foundation showed that, by using biofeedback, humans could learn to differentially control the temperature of their hands: one hand hot, the other cold.

Yogis practice exactly the same exercise at the second stage. The occult element is still more obvious in the case of a second movement of this type, known as Silva Mind Control. The founder is Jose Silva, a former electrical engineer from Texas. He never had any formal education, yet he is discussed on university platforms. The news sheet Mind Control reveals the deliberately occult program of the movement. Like biofeedback, it is based on the varying frequencies of electrical impulses in the brain.

The Silva people do not use technical apparatus. They do everything by means of concentration. Everyone who studies this method has to undergo a four-day introductory course, for twelve hours each day. The nature of the course is reminiscent of transcendental meditation or of yoga. Silence alternates with the monotonous repetition of sentences, or of a "mantra. Finally a mild form of group hypnosis is attempted. Let us hear what experts and members of the Silva movement have to say by way of explanation. These are all just different techniques for going to the alpha level.

There is no need for us to look for further evidence of the occult nature of the Silva method. Its adherents admit it openly. It is true that Silva regards ESP as harmless. That is the mistake made by all occult movements.

Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling -

Their news sheets provide every conceivable type of material. Silva, the founder of the movement, is a medium. His followers practice psi communication, for example, telepathy, and train themselves in clairvoyance. The number of followers has grown so enormously, that today, Silva Mind Control is the largest association in the field of parapsychology.

The contradictory character of the reports on this movement is demonstrated by the example which follows. Bigwood writes that Mind Control is not a religion. Robert Taylor, another adherent, says, "Conscious control of the subconscious — the peace that passes all understanding, practiced by Christian and Hebrew mystics, Muslim sufis, Indian yogis and Zen masters — is available to Western culture. What a dreadful hodgepodge! The peace which passes all understanding conies from Silva, the occult electrician from Texas!

Christians are mystics, who pursue the same goal as yogis, sufis, and zen buddhists? This is not true! Christians have Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer and Judge of all men, who will one day put an end to all occult and demonic movements. What is absolutely tragic is that several hundred pastors have already practiced this occult method. They delve into the occult because their theology does not teach personal salvation through Christ. These pastors then carry this sublimation of the occult into their congregations. For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

On the one side we have the living God; on the other is Satan with all his wiles. Let every man decide for himself to whom he wants to belong. Every satanic cult of history and of today has celebrated the black mass. There are only a few exceptions, for instance, the Processeans. The purpose of the black mass is to mock God, to blaspheme against the Trinity. They celebrated the blac k mass in a church. On the altar they had bottles of schnapps. In the prayers they substituted the name of Satan for the name of God.

They were asked why they were studying theology. Their answer: "To destroy the Church. A naked woman serves as an altar. The members of the cult practice perversions on her. The horrible things which are done cannot be repeated in a book. I have heard the confession of a professional man who has not been able to find inner peace since practicing these horrible things.

Sometimes the Satanists break into churches and use the monstrance for their black mass, or take a crucifix and cover the figure of Christ with their excrement. Very exclusive groups of Satanists mix bread and wine with a substance taken from a man and a woman. In Haiti, the high priest drinks the blood of children at the annual festival. In the Macumba groups in Brazil, the same thing is done at the initiation of a Mae de Santo cult mother.

To lovers of the peace symbol, let it be known that the black pope, Anton La Vey, projects a peace symbol onto a large screen before the commencement of his satanic rites in San Francisco. Yet the naive Christians of Europe and USA wear the peace symbol on a chain around their necks or on the sleeves of their jackets! Blood pacts provide some of the most difficult problems in counseling. I have record of about a hundred cases in my files. What is a blood pact? A person takes a piece of paper, scratches his finger until it bleeds, and then signs himself over to the devil.

From that day on such people are no longer approachable on spiritual issues. They become totally opposed to the church, the Bible, prayer, and to every kind of spiritual influence. I am surprised that such people come for counseling. It evidently shows that they are not happy with their master and are looking for something else to satisfy them.

Ex In Canada, I was speaking at a youth conference. In the group was a seventeen-year-old girl who took part during the day in the Bible study and the prayer meeting. At night, however, she had confused dreams, and her roommates could hear her cursing herself and saying: "I hate Jesus. I love the devil. He is my lord. Ex A young teacher came to me for counseling. He suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts, and asked me for advice and help. In the course of the conversation, the following facts came to light. In a fit of despair he had signed himself over to the devil in his own blood.

He took the paper to a cave, went inside, placed it on a ledge of the rock and put a stone on top of it. Then he left the cave. A few minutes later he began to regret what he had done in his desperation. He ran back and reentered the cave, intending to pick up the paper and destroy it. The paper was gone. There was no one in the cave who could have taken the paper.

It could not have been blown away by a gust of wind, for he had put a stone on top of it. He now became very anxious, and his anxiety brought him to me for counseling. A psychiatrist would say that he was an unstable character. But, in spite of his depression and his instability, he was telling the truth.

It was his earnest desire to find the way to Jesus. It took considerable time before this teacher found inner peace. He made a general confession of sin, and was able, in faith, to accept the forgiveness of Christ. Then he did something I have never advised anyone who has made a blood pact to do. He scratched his finger again and with his blood wrote a statement declaring himself free from the devil.

I repeat that I never advise anyone to do this, although I know there are some counselors who tell people to do so. Blood pacts create a terrible block. People who have signed them find it extremely difficult to find the way of salvation. The story which follows makes this frighteningly clear. Ex A woman belonged to a spiritist circle and had signed herself over to the devil in her own blood.

Life Coach? Therapist? What's the difference?? - Kati Morton

She happened to go into a mission meeting. She was convicted by the Spirit of God and made a general confession in the course of being counseled afterward. She wanted to follow Jesus, come what may.

From that moment onward, terrible struggles began. The satanic attacks reached their climax in a red tatto which appeared on her breast one night. She showed this to her sister. It was in the shape of a horseshoe with an S in the middle. A prayer group began to intercede for this troubled woman.

She was delivered. Ex What concerns us more than the power of Satan is the victorious power of Jesus. A man who had made a blood pact went to see a friend of mine. This counselor, who is a fully qualified pastor, heard his confession and advised him to write another statement in his own blood declaring himself free from the devil.

This bold piece of advice was followed by the blessing of the Lord. The man became free. Let us briefly sketch the history of the modern movements in which speaking in tongues has emerged. At the age of nineteen, George Fox broke with the church because he was repelled by its laxity. The spiritual system he adopted depended on experience. He heard a voice say to him, "Not the outward Word of Scripture, not the teaching of the church, not the outward Christ can lead you, but only the inner light, the inward Christ.

Fox was the founder of the Children of Light or Society of Friends. Their enemies called them Quakers. This nickname has remained with them to the present day. A dangerous, extremist view can be seen in the origin of the Quakers: the inner light and the voices from above the spirits were more important than the written Word of God. The door was open for all kinds of false teaching.

In the early days some groups also practiced speaking in tongues. Since then some things have been clarified among the Quakers, and things have settled down. Another group which teaches speaking in tongues and other ecstatic forms of expression are the Irvingians. They call themselves the Catholic Apostolic Church. The founder was Edward Irving. Among his circle of friends was one Mary Campbell, who began speaking in tongues in Various charismatic manifestations such as faith healing, visions, and prophecies attracted people for whom traditional churches no longer had any significance.

By the year , they had fifty thousand members. Among ecstatic movements we must also number the Mormons, the Latter-Day Saints. This movement is marked by visions, revelations, speaking in tongues, and healing. In , Smith had a vision of the angel Moroni, who showed him a chest containing some golden tablets on Mount Cumorah. Smith claimed to have received these tablets in For the Mormons, the words written on these tablets have the same authority as the Bible.

The length to which this labyrinth of false teachings took Smith is shown by his insistence that he had been consecrated to the Aaronic priesthood by John the Baptist. Peter, James, and John had later raised him to the priesthood of Melchizedek. Smith was murdered in Everything that claims to possess an equal authority to the Scriptures is false teaching.

For the Mormons, authority is found in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. In the Catholic Church, authority is found in the Bible, but also in church tradition and the doctrinal pronouncements of the Pope. In some extremist circles, it is the Bible and the revelations and prophecies of those with "gifts of the Spirit. A few years later, this group joined the fellowship in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, who also spoke in tongues. Various charismatic groups gradually became established, mainly in America.

To list them briefly, we note:. In , the Reverend Parham, at a small Bible school in Topeka, Kansas, formed the conviction that speaking in tongues is the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In , this small movement came to Los Angeles, a city whose atmosphere of spiritism makes it a breeding ground for any ecstatic movement. In , a former student of Parham, W. Seymour, worked up a strong tongues movement at Azusa Street, Los Angeles. In , this enthusiastic movement was spread to Norway by Barrat, and to Hamburg and other towns by E.

The unedifying scenes which resulted led to the Berlin Declaration of September In , a new charismatic movement began in Los Angeles. It affected not only the Pentecostal churches but all denominations. Los Angeles has been, since , the starting point for all kinds of occult and extreme spiritual movements until the present day.

In , the Jesus People movement began, again in California. This movement is not all of one mold. Among the extreme groups are also some small groups of genuine Christians who cannot hold their own against the general movement. Parallel to the Jesus People movement is the so-called charismatic movement, which has a much wider scope than a tongues movement.

Here it is not merely a matter of speaking in tongues, but of faith healing, visions, prophecies — in short, all the gifts of the Spirit. One can understand the starting point of those who belong to the charismatic movement. Cold congregations, with traditional and uninspired forms of worship, are not able to satisfy the spiritual hunger of many Christians. If this hunger and seeking had remained within Biblical limits, the charismatic movement would have brought great blessing to Christendom. In reality, however, this so-called charismatic movement has issued a great sea of confusion, depending on evidences of power which owe much to religious suggestion, hysteria, hypnotic and occult influence.

This pseudocharismatic awakening has become a worldwide threat and a confusion to true Christians. The pseudocharismatics are the elite, the advance guard of Satan, who would use them to attack the best members of the church of Christ. I must, however, warn anyone who would use these hard but frank words as an excuse for his own unspiritual attitude.

Within the charismatic movement, there are tens of thousands of true Christians who will one day inherit the kingdom of God. On the other hand, there will not be a single modernist theologian in Heaven, unless he repents, receives Christ as Son of God and his own Savior, and throws his theology overboard, as Dr. Huntemann has done.

Why are genuine Christians found in the ranks of the pseudocharismatics? They must lack the gift of distinguishing between spirits, otherwise they would leave this movement. It is a common experience that, in the circles where gifts of the Spirit are most talked about, they are least to be found. Ex Another experience contains a similar lesson. The pastor told me he had been invited by the Jesuits in New York to come and speak about the gifts of the Spirit. This group of Jesuits belonged to the charismatic movement. The pastor declined the invitation with the comment, "I should first address Jesuits on the subject of true repentance before I could deal with the subject of the gifts of the Spirit.

Notice that I am not alone in my assessment of the charismatic movement. Nothing obvious happened. She did not speak in tongues. If You do not give me the baptism of the Spirit, I will speak to Your mother about it. Vim Malgo adds: "Here again we cannot speak of a baptism of the Spirit, but rather of baptism with spirits.

Apart from the content of the article, the title itself is unscriptural. The New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ is our hope for eternal life. It is characteristic of the charismatic movement that the center of emphasis is shifted at this point. When people add to or subtract from the statements of the Holy Scriptures, the result is false teaching.

Here again the focus has been shifted from its rightful place. Jesus says in John "I give unto them eternal life. Among other things, he said, "We now no longer need speak of the cross of Jesus, of His blood and His redemption, but only of the work of the Holy Spirit. Ex In H. The apostle John tells us in John that on the cross, Jesus cried out "It is finished. This list of examples may be concluded with an excerpt from an illuminating report from the missionary G. In his report, this appears under Case 8.

People who come for counseling are not, of course, cases — but it is difficult to find another word. Ex Mark not his name was a Christian in a church that he thought was formal and dead. He went to a Pentecostal church, where hands were laid on him, and he was what they called "slain in the spirit. When he came out of it, he was praising Jesus in a loud voice, and he continued praising Jesus. While attending this Pentecostal church, Mark also received a gift of tongues. The name of the spirit of the tongue was "Domenigaio. Mark denounces this demon in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is cast out into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This demon had to acknowledge his defeat by our Lord Jesus Christ, through the blood of the cross, and was cast out and into the pit, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We see here again that demons sometimes claim to be Jesus.

Like this story?

Further, it here becomes evident that the so-called baptism of the Spirit in the charismatic movement is usually an opportunity for demons to enter. Experiences with the so-called charismatic movement teach us to pray more than ever for the gift of discerning of spirits. These experiences also warn us to be led, in faith and obedience by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, into all truth.

My information about this movement has been gained largely from the two major works of its founder, Mary Baker Eddy. They are entitled Science and Health and Miscellaneous Writings , covering the years I have also visited the center of the organization in Boston, USA. The building is a twenty-seven-story skyscraper. Much of my material has come from my counseling meetings and discussions with followers of this occult healing movement.

As could be expected, the term o c c u l t in connection with this movement has brought strong attacks upon me. Ex In , I gave lectures on Haiti at mission stations and at an international missionary conference. When I mentioned the occult healing methods of Christian Science, one person sprang up in a rage, interrupted me, and would not let me continue. He said that he and his sister had been healed by Christian Science practitioners. He was not going to allow anyone to run down this church in his presence.

The chairman intervened and called the heckler to order, pointing out that he could discuss the matter with me afterward. That man is a troublemaker wherever he goes. And yet he is the pastor of a church. In my experience all those who have been healed by Christian Science have received some kind of oppression or emotional damage. Ex On another occasion, I received a sharp attack in Germany. In one of my books, I had observed that sometimes practitioners — as the active workers in Christian Science are called — use their mental powers to harm people whom they have something against. Mary Baker Eddy mentioned this in her books.

She called this reversal of healing powers into harmful powers malpractice. I am still amazed at such an assertion, and yet perhaps not. There are Christians who do not read their Bibles. Similarly, there are Scientists who do not read the books of their founder. Since the Scientist mentioned above accused me of misrepresenting Mrs.

Eddy, saying that the expression malpractice does not occur in her writings, I am compelled to give some page references. In S c i e n c e and H e a l t h , malpractice is mentioned on pages , , , , , and In M i s c e l l a n e o u s W r i t i n g s reference is made to malpractice on pages 31, , 55, , , and One of these many passages is as follows pp. This mental malpractice would disgrace mind-, healing, were it not that God overrules it.

Ex The following is one of my most significant examples. A Christian Science practitioner admitted his error and left the movement. From the center in Boston, he received a letter saying that he would regret it. Shortly afterward, he developed a dreadful skin disease which no dermatologist was able to cure. The patient shed his skin like a snake. This happened three times. The third time, he died. It cannot be proved that this severe illness was the result of the united malpractice of several psychic practitioners. I can only truthfully record that such things have been confessed to me in connection with other occult movements.

For some time there has been in the USA a movement which makes use of soul force to bring back an erring sheep , causing problems like that previously mentioned. What is clear from her books is that this system of teaching is not in line with the Bible, although Biblical quotations are used. Mary Baker Eddy simply does not believe that sickness and death are real.

It is only necessary to have the right inward attitude to be able to overcome both sickness and death. The power controlling everything is said to be "Mind. I must keep my treatment of Christian Science brief, and will therefore touch on just three aspects of this doctrinal system. Death: Eddy actually thought that it was possible to overcome death. Since that date, I have known of but fourteen deaths in the ranks of my about five thousand students.

Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling by Ph D Geoffrey G Yager (Hardback, 2009)

The followers of Eddy believed that their revered leader would escape death. It is said that after she died, a mannequin dressed in her clothes was driven around in a carriage in order to deceive her fol lowers. When the fraud was unmasked, tens of thousands left the movement. Those who had studied under her became practitioners all over the world. These people could heal directly or from a great distance by the power of their minds or "knowing the truth.

This form of healing has nothing to do with prayer as the Bible teaches. The practice comes into the category of suggestion, autosuggestion, religious suggestion, and, most commonly of all, mental suggestion remote influence by suggestion. The frequent Bible quotations and all the supposedly Christian trimmings are nothing but camouflage. This is no insinuation. Reference is also made to healing at a distance: "Mind is not confined to limits," that is, not limited by distance.

On the use of medicines, Eddy says, "No man can serve two masters," that is, either mind-healing or healing by drugs, not both.

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  6. The word mind-healing, which Eddy used hundreds of times, is proof that what we have here is not a Biblical healing process. It is the mind, the power of thought, the thinking spirit of man, that she believed to be the basis of healing, and not Christ. In any case, in any genuinely Christian movement, the salvation of man, and not his physical healing, stands in the foreground. Malpractice: Mary Baker Eddy states that mind-healing, the spiritual concentration on a sick person, is true healing, and that its opposite is malpractice.

    All experiences are understandable, and all are to be respected and honored. What I hope to highlight here is that it takes every strand to have made us who we are. Sometimes that is to be celebrated, and sometimes that is simply to be acknowledged as what was so. Let us each note the role we play in that tapestry, how we can affect others for good and how we can strengthen the other strands around us.

    We each need to be present to bring water from those wells, to not only aid the thirst of others, but to replenish ourselves as well. November 22nd, by Adam Kahan. Skip to content. Shabbat Vayeitzei. Shabbat Vayeitzei I love making things. He has spent the last 20 years honing his craft in communal music and singing with several North Shore synagogues, dedicated to leaving people touched, moved, and inspired by their shared experiences. Having been a camper, counselor, and songleader at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, the Reform Movement camp in Wisconsin, Adam focuses on bringing the lasting messages of camp home to our community.

    Namely, he has a commitment that, children and adults alike, are left with a sense of belonging, connection, and excitement about what is possible from their Judaic world, and beyond. Adam grew up as part of a loving and vibrant family in Highland Park, and as a member of Am Shalom in Glencoe. Watching his father serve as temple president under Rabbi Harold Kudan, and learning from the Religious Educator, Sharon Morton, Adam learned that we all matter, each of us can make a difference, and it is our responsibility to actually make that difference.

    With a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Adam turned his focus to connecting with congregations, rather than audiences, engaging students in a conversation rather than a stale lecture. His contagious enthusiasm and energy invites you to jump in and be a part of the discovery.

    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling
    Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling Conversations with Jeremiah on the Magic of Counseling

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