Colt 1911 Early Prototypes

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M1911 – A Brief Overview

His father then gave the teen the opportunity to study navigation firsthand, sending him out to sea on the Corvo, a ship that embarked on a nearly yearlong voyage in He translated this controlled rotation to firearms and a means whereby a single-shot pistol could be adapted to fire multiple rounds in quick succession. During his time at sea, Colt carved a six-barrel cylinder, locking pin and hammer out of wood. After returning from his adventure at sea, Colt spent two years traveling North America under the name Dr.

Coult, hosting a road show during which he entertained and educated crowds on the uses of nitrous oxide laughing gas. The profits he saved through his skill as a promoter enabled him to perfect his revolver mechanism, and he hired gunsmiths to create a series of prototypes. Patent No. All models incorporated a revolving cylinder into which gunpowder and bullets were loaded. Primer was placed on a strike plate outside the cylinder, and combustion was initiated by pulling the trigger and releasing the hammer onto the strike plate.

Colt continued to refine his initial design, obtaining patents on such components as a cylinder-locking mechanism, fluted cylinders, longer grips and beveled-cylinder mouths to eliminate igniting adjacent chambers. A savvy businessman, he retained rights to these patents, making his applications as an individual rather than through the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company.

Seeking a government contract for his guns, Colt visited the office of the U. Scattered sales in the newly formed Republic of Texas and in Florida , where the Second Seminole War was ongoing, did not translate into the revenue required to maintain the veneer of success Colt needed to impress potential clients. In , the company was forced to close, and its fixtures and inventory of guns and gun parts were auctioned off to the highest bidder. With his company failing, Colt turned to another interest: perfecting an underwater mine for use in harbor defense.

Morse The line went only as far as Fire Island, New York, before the project was abandoned. Busy with these new projects, and discouraged by the failure of Patent Arms Manufacturing, Colt also found himself caught up in a national scandal after his brother, John Colt, murdered a printer with whom he did business.

The election of President James K. Seeing a new opportunity, Colt submitted a sample of his enhanced revolving holster pistol to the U. Walker of the U. Mounted Riflemen. After Colt and Walker collaborated on the design for a new and improved gun, General Zachary Taylor ordered 1, Colt revolvers. The guns were delivered to the Army in Root In the early s, a company branch was established in England, and in a new Hartford factory—the largest privately owned armament manufacturing plant in the world—was built overlooking the Connecticut River.

By , the company could produce weapons per day using interchangeable parts, efficient production lines and specially designed precision machinery. The Colt brand was now recognized worldwide through savvy promotion and was associated with quality and dependability. A masterful promoter, Colt positioned his firearms within the American mythos, even hiring artist and explorer George Catlin to create paintings depicting Colt guns in use by sportsmen and explorers encountering exotic predatory animals in North and South America.

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During the late s, while tensions mounted between the North and South that would soon lead to the American Civil War , Colt continued to do business with longstanding customers in Southern states. However, when war was finally declared on April 12, , he turned his focus almost exclusively to supplying the Union army. By that time, Samuel Colt had become one of the wealthiest men in America and owned a Connecticut mansion called Armsmear. The strain of supplying the war effort eventually took its toll on Colt. Suffering from chronic rheumatism, the year-old gun manufacturer died at his home on January 10, , leaving behind an estate worth millions.

In , the Colt family sold the company to a group of investors. To date, the company founded by Samuel Colt has produced more than 30 million pistols, revolvers and rifles.

But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! There were only two. Early on, it was produced in. You may be thinking of the. I played with one for a time back in the 70s, and I never managed to break a thousand fps. When they stopped using baloon head cases for the.

That was the one the grain ball fired from the Dragoon nearly matched. The grip angle of the Model through the Model seems to be significantly and suddenly different from the angle, one year later, of the Model and eventual Model Any idea why JMB made this change seemingly overnight? Tom, like so many other things, the change came on request by the Army Ordnance Board.

Thank you for the heads up, I did not notice that. I will email John so he can add the correct photos. Mike Venturino has a January vintage box of Frankford Arsenal. The box label clearly indicates that it was only loaded with 30gr of blackpowder, not the 40gr seen in commercial ammunition.

Frankford Arsenal received its first order for production of the. Like other cartridges of the era, these used internally-primed copper cases.

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With the transition to Boxer primers, the Cal. On June 13, , the case specification became a hybrid of the Schofield-length case with the smaller rim of the. By , this was reduced to a gr projectile loaded over 26gr of blackpowder. Procurement of blackpowder Schofield-length cartridges continued as late as In , US Army Ordnance purchased , commercial. However, these turned out to be over-pressure, causing split cases and blown primers.

Colt/Browning Sight Safety – Forgotten Weapons

In , Frankford Arsenal ordered 10, additional commercial. Once again loaded with 40gr of blackpowder, these cartridges were purposefully dedicated for proof firing refurbished Colt revolvers. The full-length. Vintage Frankford Arsenal box labels claim fps.

The Colt 1911 Pistol (Weapon)

Evolution of the in Pictures There's also a video out from R. Auctions, in conjunction with one of the gun shows.

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I'll see […]. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. High Speed Gear, factory tour. Mec-Gar 17 round magazine for CZ 75B. CanadaBob March 30, at pm. Cool history on one of histories historic guns. Take Care Bob Reply. Johnny March 30, at pm.

Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes
Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes
Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes
Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes
Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes
Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Colt 1911 Early Prototypes

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