Colloid Science Vol. 1

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From the beginning to the end of the book, systems of growing complexity are treated gradually. The presentation is particularly suited to emphasize that interfaces are not autonomous phases. As a rule, interfacial properties can be varied only by changing the adjoining phases, so that the properties of these bulk phases must be understood first.

The text also recognizes common principles behind a variety of phenomena, and helps the reader to understand them and to develop and improve processes. The systematic treatment of the material in the book makes this clear, and makes the text itself an important contribution to the field. Adsorption at the Solid-Gas Interface. Adsorption from Solution.

Foundations of colloid science - Robert J. Hunter, Lee R. White - Google книги

Low Molecular Mass, Uncharged Molecules. Electric Double Layers. Electrokinetics and Related Phenomena. Adsorption of Polymers and Polyelectrolytes. Subject Index. Characterization of Solid Surfaces. Thermodynamics of Adsorption. Presentation of Adsorption Data. Adsorption on Non-Porous, Homogeneous Surfaces.

Porous Surfaces. Surface Heterogeneity. General References. Adsorption From Solution. The Surface Excess Isotherm. Adsorption from Binary Fluid Mixtures. Experimental Techniques. Binary Systems, A Few Illustrations. Adsorption from Dilute Solutions. Kinetics of Adsorption.

Conclusions and Applications. Why do Ionic Double LayersForm? Some Definitions, Symbols, and General Features. Application of the Gibbs Equation. The Diffuse Part of the Double Layer. Beyond Poisson-Boltzmann. The Stern Picture. Measuring Double Layer Properties. Points of Zero Charge and Isoelectric Points. Interfacial Polarization and the -Potential. Case Studies.

Advances in Colloid Science

Double Layers in Media of Low Polarity. Electrosorption Isotherms. Charged Particles in External Fields. Electrokinetics andRelated Phenomena: Basic Principles. Survey of Electrokinetic Phenomena. Definitions of Terms. Elementary Theory. Interpretation of Electrokinetic Potentials.

Foundations of Colloid Science: Volume I (Oxford Science Publications)

Generealized Theory of Electrokinetic Phenomena. Electrokinetics inPlugs and Capillaries. Mestari, A. Elmchaouri, N. Taoufik, and A. Jada J. Taoufik, F.

Colloidal State, Disperse Phase and Dispersion Medium - Surface Chemistry - Chemistry Class 11

Anouar, R. Slimani, and A. Ait Akbour, J. Douch, A. Jada, H. Ouachtak, A. Ait Addi, and M.

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Hamdani J. Ouachtak, R. Ait Akbour, A. Jada, J. Bakraouy, M.

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Abouri, S. Souabi, K. Digua, A. Yaacoubi, and A. Ramirez, S. Ramseier Gentile, S. Zimmermann, and S. Stoll J. Lakbita, B. Rhouta, F. Maury, F. Senocq, M.

Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1
Colloid Science Vol. 1 Colloid Science Vol. 1

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