Canada And The End Of Empire

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Canada, once a far-flung northern outpost of the British Empire, has become an empire in its own right. This book examines both the historic and contemporary Canadian culture of extraction, with essays, interviews, archival material, and multimedia visualizations. The essayists and interviewees—who include such prominent figures as Naomi Klein and Michael Ignatieff—come from a range of fields, including geography, art, literature, architecture, science, environment, and business. All consider how Canadian life came to be mediated through mineral extraction.

When did this empire emerge? How far does it reach? Who gains, who loses? What alternatives exist? My brother still talks about the wonderful soft white bread buns that were served — they were so delicious. My parents, brother and I would like to thank the Canadian government and its people for allowing us to be part of them, and we are.

May God Bless this beautiful land called Canada. It is okay to cry. Missing home is normal. Matt Evans Halifax, NS. The bread was soft and spongy and packed in wax paper, the butter was all salty, there was only soft process cheese, instead of smoked and cured hard sausage they only had what they called baloney and peanut butter, and many other novelties that we didn't even understand.

Welcome to Canada.. We feel lucky that they are all growing up in the most wonderful country in the world. I will always remember where I came from but it is who I am now that matters. One of my funniest memories," Bette continued, "was the day we landed at Halifax. We were so eager to get off the boat but they told us that the train had already left.

When we finally departed, every time the train stopped we all jumped off and mailed letters to our husbands to let them know we were coming. We thought the letter would arrive the next day same as in Britain! We had no idea. To Canada, we are also grateful, for allowing us the opportunity to become part of this great nation; for accepting us for what we were and for allowing us to become what we are, proud Canadians.

My father fled Romania in while my mother was pregnant with me. He was captured in Yugoslavia and spent time in prison there before being accepted as a refugee in Canada. It was two years before my mother, older sister and I were all able to join him. My family chose Calgary because they had Romanian friends in the city. The adjustment was difficult for them having to leave behind their friends, family, good jobs and the sense of security that comes from being surrounded by people who understood their native language and shared a culture with them.

I am in awe of their bravery, positivity and resilience. My sister and I have both gone to school, gotten married and made lives for ourselves here in Canada. I am so grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to bring us here! I have no recollection of the trip over, but one bit of definite feedback I got years to come was of the Cotton Bread Pumpulileipa , as a reference to the unbelievably fluty texture of the white Canadian bread. My father had left everything and everybody that he knew to give his family an opportunity at a better life.

It worked. It was the Canadian Red Cross that came to our aid when our house in London was bomb damaged during the war. I was 11 years of age and vividly remember the boxes of clothing and food they delivered to our door. I promised myself that I would go to Canada one day. It was all done within the course of a flight and the 30 minutes in the airport. That was it. And that was me, at that point, a permanent resident of Canada and it was like: wow! This is, this is it!

Canada's Long, Gradual Road to Independence

So, no, there was nothing to hold me back. In , over sixty years ago, Canadian representatives of the Immigration and Employment Department came to Malta to select young tradesmen to immigrate to Canada. I, Lewis Borg, was one of the select to immigrate. I'm proud of my new country Canada, because of the culture, diversity positive people; it feels like home away from home. Now that I think about it, I feel very happy and grateful to live in Canada.

Canada feels like home. At first the soft white sliced bread tasted like cake to me. Before boarding the train, my mother went to a nearby convenience store to purchase some food. I came to Canada from Brazil when I was 5 years old. I remember I had to leave all my xmas gifts and friends behind in Rio. It was very hard. Also, we arrived in winter and found it hard to breath the cold air. I had to teach myself how to inhale short breaths to be able to take in the cold!

I give thanks for Canada because Canada helped me and family to start life again and also thanks to everyone who helped the Syrian people to stop bloodshed. I hope with all my heart to live in Canada lasting peace and getting stronger ever time. Mohammad October 13, Actually I already know a few words. When a man comes around selling food I just say, "Ham sandvits! One thing I can smell even today was the Wonder Sliced Bread.

We were lead to other tables and received our fist nourishment on Canadian soil. Many were still seasick and the texture of the nourishment did not help. Compared to European wieners, the hot dogs were tasteless and the mustard too sweet. Along with the hot dog came a slice of white, square pieces of tasteless sponge. All of us, used to European rye bread or white rolls, did not recognize it as a standard Canadian bread. Thank-You Canada for making this Beautiful country my Home for me and my beautiful family.

And Thank You for making it all possible. On the train they served us fresh wonder bread, today its beautiful in I took a slice squeezed it and said look mom it's not cooked.

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My advice would be…Stay warm in the winter. Stop in at a Tim Horton. Try moose meat at least once. And keep smiling. Refugees from the S. I came to Canada 4 months ago: when arrived to Canada I was scared. I am happy to live in Canada.

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JW Edmonton, AB. Mom and Dad worked had to improve the family way of life. I immigrated with my family my dad, mom, and two brothers , we all were thrilled and amazed by the green beautiful nature of Halifax upon the landing of the plane. It was the best day of our lives, our reasons for immigrating were many but mostly, a home! We were looking for a place to settle in a safe, friendly and peaceful place to call home, I'm glad that place was Canada for us. If Pier 21 could talk it could tell many stories. I am indeed glad that now that the docks are often lined with cruise boats rather than immigrant ships.

Our country recognizes the important role in history that it played over many decades. Certainly Pier 21 is an important marker in my life's journey. Fortunately, my story has a happy ending. I fell as though some greater power must have been leading my unpredictable steps to the right places through the years. I am grateful to Canada for giving me the life I now enjoy.

We were the only ones on the ship not ill. Schultz family on board the S.

Canada. History of Canada in a Nutshell.

Fairsea, 4 Dec Heads or tails" father said as he balanced the coin on his fingertips. The coin flipping ceremony was decided upon after many hours of heated discussion, ending in a stalemate. They had agreed to emigrate, the choice was between Australia and Canada. Mother opted for the former because her sister had emigrated to Free mantle in the late thirties. She married an Aussie soon after her arrival; her letters were filled with glowing commentaries of life down under.

Father, on the other hand, had relatives in Canada, who also wrote urging him to take advantage of the many opportunities waiting in Canada. They agreed to let the coin decide. Image courtesy of Rina Caron. I came to Canada to visit my uncle and it didn't take me long to fall in love with this great Nation after stepping off the airport. The air, the environment, the people, the culture and the lively vibe of the city, things I have never experienced before.

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With all the hardships we went trough, my parents never complained. Every year got better and better. Canada is a great country. We all love our new homeland, its people and open spaces. From the seven people that arrived on Pier 21 on May 15th, , we are now 57 proud Canadians.

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  7. Thank You Canada!!! At the train station my mom was told to buy some bread and a can of meat. The light of the bright moon illuminated the cemetery walls. At this point my eyes were dimmed with tears.

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    I kissed my son on the forehead and I whispered. We loved the taste of Canadian white bread, sliced at that! It tasted like cake to us and it was the first of many pleasant surprises Our first house in Canada was a farmhouse 2 km outside of Bowmanville. Italian immigrants on board the T. Nea Hellas, spring I moved to Canada when I was two years old.

    We came from the Netherlands - the memories I have are sitting in the airport in Toronto and refusing to move, and the mud in our new home in Fox Creek, Alberta. Having been brought up with hard crusty bread we found the loaf we bought extremely soft with a strange smell that has remained with us ever since.

    We never ate that bread nor have we ever consumed that bread since our settling in Canada Ascania, When we passed customs and boarded the train they gave us two loafs of bread. Not knowing what it was I used it to play accordion as it was soft and flexible.. After 12 days of just being sea sick, losing weight on my already frail frame, we pulled into Halifax, January The army cadet band greeted us. We were then ushered into the immigration building to be examined by doctors. We watched TV and ate corn flakes for the first time without milk as one would eat potato chips. My parents were very enthusiastic, full of life, and had plans for the future.

    Thank you Canada, thank you dear Canadian friends, who helped us to feel here completely at home. It takes a lot of humility. I invite you to find refuge in love, and share who you are. At Pier 21, I was met by Immigration officials and after clearing the necessary paperwork, I received my landed immigrant stamp and boarded a train for Lethbridge, Alberta.

    Never having seen this before, I wondered in amazement if everyone in Canada ate out of little one-meal boxes! My mother decided that our first meal would simply be wieners and mashed potatoes, since, indeed, we had problems locating ingredients for a fancier meal. The wieners seemed rather short, and when we got home and boiled them, we also discovered that they were neither as tasty nor as firm as Danish wieners. However, our greatest disappointment was with the mustard, which looked exactly like European mustard, but which was probably the worst brand of mustard that we had ever encountered.

    As we were later to discover, that was our first introduction to peanut butter. My parents died in Penticton, BC in February within three days of each other.

    Canada & The South African War, 1899-1902

    Fate had brought them together at the right time and in the right country. I owe a great debt to both of them and to Canada. I was born in Denmark and raised in Jylland. As a teen-ager I was endowed with an adventurous spirit; as I read stories of pioneering in Canada, I determined that I would someday emigrate to that country. Doppenberg family on board the M.

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    I never learned which of the original 13 colonies they were baptized by. Canadian and British naval servicemen on board the H. Whitehall, circa Pier 21 airing gallery. Origins unknown. Queen Frederica, March Image courtesy of the Brana family. In , the program expanded with the 3, British Families Settlement Scheme, an ambitious plan to bring thousands of British farm families to Canada.

    Farm families received assisted passage, training, credit to purchase a farm, and supervision. In addition, British subjects in Canada could nominate people in the United Kingdom for emigration to Canada. Farm workers were encouraged to come to Canada under the Empire Settlement Agreement. Collectively, the Empire Settlement Act and the schemes that flowed from it were designed to assist those who wished to start anew in the dominions and, at the same time, to strengthen the bonds of the British Empire.

    By the end of the decade, about , men, women and children had been resettled in Canada, not nearly as many as had been envisioned by officials in Britain.

    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire
    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire
    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire
    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire
    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire
    Canada And The End Of Empire Canada And The End Of Empire

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