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So happy found ur web lindsay. These brownies are so yummy… i just made them and the are gooey and chewy and awesome…. I will never buy box mix again! I love the beautiful tops and how dark they are! They look super chocolatey and just amazing. Need to try this recipe ASAP! Made these brownies tonight and they were fantastic! Good to know that the coconut oil works well too — thanks for letting me know! Also, can the sugar amount be reduced?

If yes, it should be melted or not necessary? I tried it will melted butter, room temperature! It turned out great! Is there a way for reduced sugar? I love Hershey special dark anything, and i love brownies. Trying these tonight! Thanks for a great, yummy and easy recipe. Came out delicious. Just made these. Had to just about double my cooking time for the toothpick to come out dry but they smell amazing. Just waiting for them to cool and we will have them after dinner tonight.

First time I have made brownies not from a mix in a very long time, so easy and so good!! Thank you! This is going to sound weird, but I save every little bit of cocoa powder that I have! I am making little chocolate cakes for boxing day dessert. Do you think I could use something else to substitute it? Grated chocolate maybe? After trying and loving your vanilla cupcake recipe, I had to come back for more.

I already had high exoactations and these brownies far surpassed them. I will never resort to a box mix again. Thank you so much for sharing! Hello from Jakarta — Indonesia! I just wanna say thank you soo much for this super easy, super yummy, and super quick brownie recipe of yours! I have tested some recipes for brownies coz my 3 princesses are brownies lovers , and yours is the best! Love it love it! Thank youuuu….. I am assuming this recipe calls for plain flour and not self-rising? Thanks — they sound delicious! Very happy that I found this site and recipe. They smell lovely and I just added a couple chocolate chips Dark chocolate of course on top.

Thanks for the lovely recipe! I used only 1 cup sugar, and a half cup oil Because the oil was reduced, the mixture was stiff. It did result in a cake type brownie but we like them like that. Mine turned out so cakey, but other comments say theirs are gooey. I followed the recipe exactly. What did I do wrong? But I also think that people actually describe the texture of the same thing quite differently based on their preferences.

This recipe came out great. I have a shameful preference for boxed brownies over homemade but I do not like all the chemicals that come with it, so this recipe is an excellent find! Thanks for the yummy recipe! If i were to use only 1 cup of sugar will it change the texture or something? I want to reduce the sweetness because i plan to put a layer of caramel in the middle of the brownie. Thanks for this great recipe Lindsay!! I followed the recipe precisely. Lindsay, I found this brownie recipe on Pinterest. I usually just use a mix for brownies.

My hubby loves them. Thank you so much. Now that I have an easy recipe, I will never buy mix again. That officislly ends pre packaged baking mixes in my house! Awesome recipe. They came out perfect. Turned out very yummy. Was looking for something quick and easy. Hopefully my coworkers enjoy them also. Topped them off with sprinkles on some and coconut on others. There are some healthier oils out there you could try though, like coconut oil, sunflower oil or even olive oil.

I made about 1. I really love dark chocolate.


Everyone raved about them and I had multiple people ask me for the recipe. I directed them here. I love your recipes! Keep up the awesome cooking! Just made these with my friend, slaved away trying to make them for a late night snack, and what do we find? The taste of the final brownie was just pure oil- afraid to say, it did make me gag. Again, i do apologise, but thought it would be good to give you feedback.

All the best, Janice. I just made these brownies last night and they are amazing! Sorry to say but, I think you may have done something wrong. Maybe o we baked them. Mine only needed 20 minutes to bake to perfection. I tried this just last night and was really surprised at how delicious they turned out! I was so skeptical at first with the amount of oil, but I was proved wrong! Just popped a double batch of these babies in the oven! Taking them up to a middle school bake sale later. Hello, I just made these last night.

However my hubby was disappointed… because the top was cake like moist and fluffy, not crispy and cracked like your beautiful brownies. I baked the brownies at for about 40 mins until the toothpick came out clean. Any advice?! It could be something about the mixing, or perhaps even the way they cooled. Came home from church yesterday and my son decided we should have brownies for dessert.

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With NO Box mix in the pantry and not wanting to shop on Sunday, I went in search of an easy recipe to make them from scratch. These ar truly so yummy. The texture is nearly identical to what I experience when I make box mix brownies but I think the taste is better! Only problem I had was baking them at for minutes. The brownies looked perfect around the outer edges and across the top, but they were still gooey like batter even after an hour of baking.

They were fully cooked after that. Has anyone else experienced this?? Thanks Jen! This recipe has become a favorite among my family and friends! I refused to tell my friends the recipe. I always bake from scratch so I this recipe was perfect. All other brownie recipes have too much ingredients or they are tedious to make.

Best Ever Vegan Brownies Recipe - Nora Cooks

This recipe was balanced. Excellent brownie recipe and now my go to. I once reduced the amount of oil by substituting half with applesauce and still had excellent results. Hi Lindsay!

Gemma’s Best-Ever Brownies Recipe

This recipe is indeed foolproof. It was our first time to bake…and this recipe was easy to follow and the result was amazing! Brownies were moist and delicious! Thank you again for sharing! I made these…just followed your recipe…very easy…my dad just loved them. Thanks for the recipe.

Gemma's Best-Ever Brownies

The middle never rose like the outsides and I baked for 40 minutes and it was still very wet in the middle. These are terrible. Total waste of time. I had a late night craving and found this recipe. It makes the perfect brownie and is so easy. I used dark cocoa powder and they were rich, one brownie was plenty. Mine baked for closer to 35 minutes. Thanks so much! These were exactly the type of brownies I was craving. Quick and fool proof! Added walnuts and chocolate chips with no issues! Perfection in a square. Thank you so much — awesome recipe! For a extra chocolatey hit, when they came out of the oven, I broke up a bar of chocolate and scattered the pieces over the brownies, waited for them to melt and then spread it over the top like icing.

Thanks to your recipes I am quickly becoming the queen of both out of all 4 of us I have 3 sisters , These were amazing. My husband loves brownies and I always make them from scratch but this recipe is hands down the best one we have eaten yet! Thank you for another great recipe!!! How fun! I just made these because the reviews were amazing. The toothpick still did not come out clean, but I removed it from the oven anyway as I could smell the edges getting over done.

I did add chocolate chips to the batter as my family love them some chocolate. That may have effected the baking process. I will update later after we have tasted them. I have just discovered you and based on what I see recipes , I will be hanging around for awhile. I plan to make the brownie recipe first because I have been on a long time quest to find the perfect brownie recipe. First, the person who reported her brownies tasted terrible might have inadvertently used rancid oil.

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Or, something else was omitted. Sugar and oil would have a slushy texture before the addition of other ingredients especially flour. In response to all the questions about a substitution for the oil, I have almost always used butter as a substitution merely because I prefer the taste. I have never had a negative result so I consider oil and butter interchangeable. Finally, I should say I never make any other substitutions or changes to a new recipe until after, if at all, I have made the original one.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I will be back to report on my brownie baking experience. I love this brownie recipe, but I added a bit more cocoa to it. I also made them with coconut today. Thank you for this recipe. I did everything as the recipe said… But they just tasted terrible. I had to throw them away the second time! These are just as lovely as advertised. We are living in Thailand, so boxed brownie mixes are pricey. I did accidentally use maple syrup extract instead of vanilla as they are in similar bottles next to each other in my pantry.

The rich maple syrup flavor went really well with the dark cocoa, so it turned out to be a winning error. Raw and burnt at the same time? They turned out exactly like the boxed kind! Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly! I never write reviews, but these brownies turned out amazing. However I had all ingredients for this on hand. The taste was delicious and they were super moist. Thanks for sharing.

I have a 96 year old client that I cook for once a month and I always make a batch of brownies to take to her. Thankfully, I had all the necessary ingredients and, after some Googling, settled on your recipe because it seemed to be fairly fool proof. The only change I made was to add some semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter.

OMG, Best. I will never go back to Duncan Hines again. Thanks for showing me the light! There was an over powering taste of oil when it was on batter form. Love love love this recipe — thank you! This is now my go-to brownie recipe. A full half of a teaspoon is too much. Does that help? Absolutely amazing and yes, this is me gushing!! I have made these a few times now and they always come out amazing. I ground up some oats in the blender until fine and subbed that for the flour. Same great turn out. We only have jumbo eggs, so used two of those and worked fine.

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  7. Baked in an old scratched up 8 x 8 pan. Checked them at 20 minutes, took out at about Great heated up in the microwave for a few seconds. Good luck on the batter even making it to the pan to bake—I found it hard to stay out of it! I just made these with butter instead of oil and they are fabulous! So moist and chocolaty. Exactly the flavor and simplicity I was after in a recipe. I found this recipe last year and absolutely love it! It is so quick, easy, and delicious! It is my go to for when I want something simple and chocolatey! These are the brownies of my dreams!

    They have my two key criteria—cocoa powder and oil, and come out amazing. As this is my first time on your blog I also want to say a big thanks for having a recipe card-style printing option. This makes things so easy!! I am a pastry chef and and I love trying different recipes. However that turned out to be the best thing to happen to me last night because I found your recipe and I had everything needed for it. Thanks for the recipe they were amazing! Damn Americans and their baking powder. Why not just have self-raising flour in a small amount as well?

    Those are part of the measurements for the ingredients. I used baking cocoa dutch dark cocoa and the batter was thick. Ok, so I made your brownie recipe, HOPING it would be a good one and not one of those brownie recipes that ends up having that bitter after taste of baking powder. You might not even see this but, I just want to let you know. The first time I tried this recipe I was so satisfied. So thank you for this incredible recipe!

    Mine are in the oven now. I made a mess with the first little bit of flour mixture that I added. But, after I started mixing by hand, it went smoothly.

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    I expected the batter to be thicker. I guess we will see! These were awesome! Ovens are so variable! Thanks for sharing and rescuing me from the dreaded box-of-tasty-chemicals which i normally resort too…. Our batter was so super thick. I ended up mixing it with my hands to get all the flour incorporated.

    Best Ever Vegan Brownies Recipe

    I saw others said theirs were more wet. Not sure the difference- I guess we will have to keep trying them to see the difference???? Hi Lindsay, I tried this recipe, and Trust me, never in my life have i tasted such a delicious brownie. However, i just have one concern, the brownies were gooey and soft inside with crackling top. But the sides become very tough and rubbery. I made this today and it turned out perfect!!

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    Paperback, Pages. This item has not been rated yet. If you like Brownies, you need this book. With recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water, this book is a long-awaited treasure. If you love Brownies then this recipe book is a must have.

    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes Brownie Greats: 140 Delicious Brownie Recipes

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