Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine

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Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine

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Font Size. Biofilm formation in bovine mastitis pathogens and the effect on them of antimicrobial drugs. Free delivery worldwide.

Potential of two delivery systems for nisin topical application to dental plaque biofilms in dogs

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Biofilms are implicated in many common medical problems including urinary tract infections, catheter infections, middle-ear infections, dental plaque, gingivitis, and some less common but more lethal processes such as endocarditis and infections in cystic fibrosis.

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However, the true importance of biofilms in the overall process of disease pathogenesis has only recently been recognized. Bacterial biofilms are one of the fundamental reasons for incipient wound healing failure in that they may impair natural cutaneous wound healing and reduce topical antimicrobial efficiency in infected skin wounds. Their existence explains many of the enigmas of microbial infection and a better grasp of the process may well serve to establish a different approach to infection control and management.

A large number of studies targeted at the bacterial biofilms have been conducted, and many of them are referred to in this book, which is the first of its kind. In veterinary medicine the concept of biofilms and their role in the pathogenesis of disease has lagged seriously behind that in human medicine.

This is all the more extraordinary when one considers that much of the research has been carried out using veterinary species in experimental situations.

The clinical features of biofilms in human medicine is certainly mimicked in the veterinary species but there is an inherent and highly regrettable indifference to the failure of antimicrobial therapy in many veterinary disease situations, and this is probably at its most retrograde in veterinary wound management. Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine is specifically focused on discussing the concerns of biofilms to health and disease in animals and provides a definitive text for veterinary practitioners, medical and veterinary students, and researchers.

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Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine : Steven Lane Percival :

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Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine
Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine
Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine
Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine
Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine

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