Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)

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IT professionals live in the house and use appliances effectively and efficiently for a desired effect. There is some overlap within these three fields. Essentially, they exist in subsections of the same discipline, performing complementary different tasks that fit together like a gear.

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Hopefully the distinctions between the three professional areas are now clear. If IT is where you want to be, King University can get you there.

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All career and salary information is courtesy of the U. King University has a reputation for academic excellence that goes beyond the classroom. Our online degree programs position graduates for an exceptional career or continued educational opportunities. Make an investment in your future with an online degree from King University. More than 80 percent of King graduate survey respondents indicated they received admission to their first choice of graduate programs.

Up to main menu. Back to Previous Menu. Back to articles. Computer Science Computer scientists are, in fact, scientists. Careers in Computer Science Computer science is a rapidly growing field and is expected to see large increases in employment opportunities.

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Angry Birds? A software developer made that. Microsoft Office? That would be software developers again. Systems engineer : Operating systems provide the foundation for computers and devices to function. Microsoft Windows, Linux, and iOS are examples of types of operating systems. Systems engineers design and create those types of systems for use in personal computers, phones, and even cars. Web developer : Web developers are not graphic designers.

Graphic designers create the images you see on websites; web developers program the code that makes a website function. Search for a specific university or college here by typing out its name. Choose the specific field you are interested to pursue. Accounting Aviation Engineering Humanities Language Studies Law Medicine Banking and Finance Allied Health Sciences Dentistry Early Childhood Education Environmental Maritime 5.

Pharmacy Psychology Applied Sciences Marine Performing Arts Engineering Technology Oil and Gas Private Pre-U Foreign Pathways Culinary Arts 1. Submit Clear.

Choose the specific branch of the field you are interested in. Computer Science Food Technology 4.

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Banking Traditional Finance Agricultural Science Aquaculture 7. Biomedical Science Forensic Science 6.


Medical Laboratory Technology Nursing Nutrition and Dietetics Optometry 7. Physiotherapy Radiography and Medical Imaging Sports Science Architecture Quantity Surveying Urban and Regional Planning Design Multimedia Fashion Design Animation Game Design Graphic Design Interior Design Aerospace 7. Aircraft Maintenance Piloting 3. Business Administration Commerce Economics Marketing Human Resource Management Computer Engineering Information System Automotive Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering Nanotechnology 1.

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Petroleum Engineering Environmental Engineering Environmental Health Environmental Science Food Science Aims of the Course: Computer engineering is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. Course duration: The Course for the Diploma in Computer Engineering shall extend over a period of three academic years, consisting of 6 semesters and the first year is common to all engineering branches.

I with appropriate specialization.

Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)
Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)
Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)
Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)
Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)
Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma)

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