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It was already far from easy walking along the uneven streets of Istanbul, but it had become sheer torture because of these weird heels. By then, the mere words "real estate" or "estate agent" made me shudder. For two weeks I'd been trailing around from dawn to dusk, as if on overtime shifts.

No wonder I'd dyed my hair! Every woman going through a crisis changes either the style or colour of her hair, doesn't she? No one knows better than I do that we Germans are stingy, tiresome and prescriptive, with a reverence for authority and hostility towards anyone different from ourselves. You're no doubt expecting me to rant about people taking commission for real estate or about parasites making money from doing sweet nothing, but I'd said all I had to say about this to my lover and friends, so now I'll just say that I was feeling on edge.

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I wasn't afraid of a bit of DIY. Despite fourteen years of living and even going native in Istanbul, I was still German enough to cut costs by doing my own decorating. The fact that this apartment was much smaller than where I was currently living was no problem.

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I would just chuck stuff out. It was a cul-de-sac with a good view, linked by steps down to Findikli at sea level. However, its reputation was not for the view, but for the frequent muggings that happened there. For years, I'd heard stories of women being dragged along the ground when they fought back against muggers stealing their bags.

I knew that women couldn't walk home alone there at night and that taxi drivers were reluctant to go down it because it was a cul-de-sac. So you see, the fact that I knew Cihangir inside out, to the extent that I had an almost physical connection with it, was a hindrance rather than a help in finding an apartment. Not probably, definitely. However, the moment we entered the street, I found myself looking around anxiously, imagining how muggers would use the steps down to Findikli as a getaway route. I returned to Kuledibi and my beloved shop deep in thought.

My friends and Selim had been trying to convince me that there were other areas of Istanbul apart from Cihangir, and that I needed to broaden my horizons. But the one thing I was absolutely adamant about was the district I lived in. If I'd been in Berlin instead of Istanbul I wouldn't have lived in the smart, leafy district of Zehlendorf or fashionable Prenzlauer Berg. I'd have been very happy living in Kreuzberg, mingling in the side streets with the heavy-browed Turkish adolescents who pull faces and spit on the ground from their fashionable cars.

I didn't live in Cihangir because everything about it was wonderful. What did it have that was so special anyway? Members of the Turkish intelligentsia boasting about being Bach lovers? Why would anyone with no links to Christianity endure the public self-punishment of sitting on a wooden bench in a Protestant church listening to music, when they could be reclining on a comfortable sofa in a sitting room overlooking the Bosphorus without a care in the world? If they were indeed really listening and enjoying a bit of discomfort, was that anything to boast about?

Listening to Bach? Taking pleasure from the pain, despite not being Protestant? The truth was that I had no alternative but to live in Cihangir. Where else could I live? Nisantasi — where women with blonde-streaked hair trailed around the streets all day shopping? Moda — said to be the first place an earthquake would strike?

The Bosphorus waterfront — beyond my wildest dreams on my small budget? Also, I needed to be near my shop. I was no longer a it young thing, so the more time I spent walking instead of driving in the mornings the better. Furthermore, scientists were claiming that walking on an empty stomach in the mornings helped to burn off free fatty acids. As I said, I returned to the shop deep in thought at the disappointing prospect of never again finding a place to live where I'd feel happy.

Pelin, my assistant, was sitting at her desk as usual. She'd had a sullen look on her face for three days, ever since a big row with her boyfriend that had involved some hurling of dishes. Whatever I did seemed to infuriate her, so I said nothing, to avoid upsetting her.

I made some herbal tea. We both thought it smelled disgusting. The idea that aroma matters less than colour simply isn't true. Never mind, herbal tea is good for you. I sat down in the rocking chair with my cup of tea, rocking back and forth, my eyes fixed on a point above the shop window. Rocking back and forth and drinking tea, while Pelin sat at her desk, also drinking tea.

She was wearing black trousers, a T-shirt and a pair of very smart thick-heeled shoes. They were undoubtedly very easy to walk in, unlike the shoes in fashion that year. When she turned around, I noticed she had "young at heart" written on the back of her T-shirt. It was my friend Candan. She owned a large bookshop in Beyoglu, and it was she who had suggested I took on Pelin, one of her former employees.

She hadn't set foot in the shop since my opening cocktail party four years earlier. But I didn't mention that. She was joking of course. The thought of Candan going out looking for a book was ridiculous. I laughed. No, it wasn't me who said that, it was Candan's former employee Pelin. She fell silent as soon as she saw my icy stare. However, Candan just smiled and we exchanged a few polite pleasantries. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the cool-headedness of a true businesswoman?

We discussed everything under the sun before I got onto my house-hunting disaster. It's never easy explaining to a rich person that you're forced to move to avoid paying an extra euros a month. First, the friend listens to me without saying a word, probably worried about saying the wrong thing. Then, unable to hold out any longer, she blurts out:. Where would I find the money to buy an apartment? By Dan L. By MR Kent. By Larry Miller.

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By Margaret Dumas. By Mark Muller. By Terry Cloutier. By Bernard Kempinski. By Ilona Fridl. By Diane Tupper. By Zoe Fishman. By Elizabeth Baines. By David Waters. By Sam Garner. By Jane Delury. By Julien Gracq. By Grace E. By Lynn Hagen. By Trey Bald. By Mark Seinfelt. By Patricia Anne Phillips. By Jordan L. Allen Miles. By Shamini Flint. David Scherling. By Verena Tay. By Darrel L. By Tim Pelkey. By Donald Mandich. By Ted Watson. By Cixin Liu. By Jeff Polman. By Shade Jones. By Adrian Constantine Anson. By Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

By Victor LaValle. By Roy Buckle. By Rob Love. By Mark Early. By Sharyn McCrumb. By Marjorie Kernan. By Liza Cody. Home Books Fiction. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Baggage By S. Baggage Claim By David E. Once, before the sunrise, they had a game. Until they were removed to the sidelines for a long, silent age in which their last numbers are inert as upright fossils. How the blood of these fossils would be stirred up if even a single inning of baggattaway lacrosse could be played again.

Drawing the rancor of Indian haters and the lacrosse establishment, they fight to honor their game, to institute Indian rules for the Lacrosse World Cup of Baghdad Billion By Clifford J. US forces invaded Iraq in March Baghdad Plunder is an addictive, page-turning, action-packed, thoroughly researched historical fiction novel that weaves fictional characters into the factual fabric of what actually happened to the vast treasures of the Iraq National Museum. It is either the largest robbery or the most heroic save the world has ever experienced.

The initial assignment is to escort the head curator of the Iraq National Museum to wherever he directs. From the moment the head curator leaves the museum events never go as anticipated and a web of suspenseful intrigue is created surrounding the greatest treasures the world has ever known. Jeff Prentice is jogging on the beach just before sunrise when his foot is snagged on the strap of a locked backpack buried in the sand. He decides to hide the backpack and return for it later. During breakfast with his best friend Bob, they are invited to attend a memorial service for a past acquaintance, Captain Tom Murphy, who was killed in action in Baghdad.

Jeff and Linda find themselves intensely attracted to each other. The next day, during a drive along the Santa Barbara coast, Linda reveals to Jeff the details of a secret letter from her dead brother Tom. The details revolve around a backpack she was instructed first to hide and then to bury on the beach near the Murphy family home. Jeff is astonished, conflicted, and chooses to says nothing about the backpack he has found and hidden.

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Neither of them knows what is in the backpack. Early the next morning Jeff retrieves the backpack from where he hid it. The tension notches up. When Jeff and Linda leave the bar two men follow them. Jeff discovers they are being followed, successfully evades them and calls Bob to arrange an emergency meeting.

When Jeff, Linda, and Bob discover the contents of the backpack they are shocked and presented with a difficult life-changing dilemma. The action next rolls back six weeks to the day Special Forces Lieutenant Tom Murphy received his top secret assignment to Operation Guardian. He is to go to the Iraq National Museum to rendezvous with the head curator, Mustafa, and safely escort him to wherever he directs.

He is secretly known as The Guardian. When Mustafa exits the museum an attack erupts. After several thrilling twists and turns of the unfolding mystery Tom concludes he must make the supreme sacrifice to complete Operation Guardian — he must die. Action segues from Baghdad to Santa Barbara, and then a return to Iraq with a surprise conclusion. The Iraq War significantly impacts each character and their integrity is challenged throughout the novel.

These twenty-three previously uncollected stories form veritable vignettes of American life drawn from Vonnegut's WWII experiences and the resolute optimism of America after the war. On a vibrant square in Salvador, a small community, although impoverished, lives in harmony: Maria Aparecida, former carnival queen; Ivone, the beautiful, naive convent guardian who dreams of becoming an actress; Padre Denilson, full of compassion and understanding for his wretched parishioners; seven-year-old Sergio, who sells sweets and perfumed napkins to support his whole family; Ze and Manuel, two gay teenagers begging to survive.

Despite the hardships they are force to endure, it is their deep-rooted sense of community and positive outlook which protects them from the violent chaos that rules Brazil's two major metropoles. Suddenly a stranger called, Gringa enters this small world, and everything starts to change: Maria has disappeared, one-eyed Tonio has stopped singing and Mama Lourdes foresees nothing but tragedy.

One by one, the inhabitants of the Square, tired of their provincial existence and dazzled by the urban glamour portrayed on their favourite soap opera, depart for the cities of Rio and Sao Paulo. However, the-reality of life in the cities' favelas is a bitter disappointment - a tough game of survival guaranteed to harden even the most tender of hearts. Unkempt but endearing, Bai Ganyo blusters his way through refined society in Vienna, Dresden, and St. Petersburg with an eye peeled for pickpockets and a free lunch. Bai Ganyo has been translated into most European languages, but now Victor Friedman and his fellow translators have finally brought this Balkan masterpiece to English-speaking readers, accompanied by a helpful introduction, glossary, and notes.

Bail Out By R. A punk fantasy that takes female rage to its outer limits, this controversial French novel is now the basis for a hit underground film banned in France. Manu and Nadine have had all they can take. The two are in search of ultimate, true freedom — even if it means death. Drawing from the spiky cadences of the Sex Pistols and the murderous eroticism of Georges Bataille and Dennis Cooper, this is one shocking, accomplished, and truly unforgettable novel. In Fenton's world, some kids are toons.

Some think the change is biological. Others think the change is social. But some kids turn into toons, and Fenton's father just wants it to stop. He's even built a Realist movement to ban toons from the real world, hoping that it will keep his own children from following in their estranged mother's cartoon footsteps.

Tensions rise as the Realists lobby to get their ban set into law, and toons fight for their right to be themselves. Fenton's father knows he can count on his two boys to stand behind him and his dream of building a safe, a toon-free reality. It's just too bad that Fenton's becoming a toon Cover artwork by Dustin Friend.

Jane, a year old immigrant living with them, is hopelessly in love with their brother, Sydney, but he is betrothed to Helen, the beauty of Bear River Valley. Knowing that Sydney holds deed to the Sudsway pioneer home, Helen refuses to take vows until his sisters are married and out of the house. With the young men of their settlement either panning for gold in the North or setting rails for the Union Pacific, what are the girls to do?

The joining of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point, Brigham Young's edict, boycotting "gentile" entrepreneurs who threaten to dominate Salt Lake City commerce, and the emergence of the anti-Mormon City of Corinne-these conflicts form the historical backdrop to a star-crossed love story in Baiting on the Bear. A frustrated writer, suffering through a midlife crisis, a failingmarriage, and a boring Silicon Valley job, takes his annual vacationto Baja California alone.

He meets El Viejo Pancho, a crusty oldMexican who offers harsh advice, fantastic stories and eventually hisfriendship. This is an action-packed thriller about Iran trying to establish a beachhead in the western hemisphere and how Professor William Abbey unwittingly helps those efforts before he tries to stop them.

It is a tale of our times. The book has been named a Finalist in the Indie Book Awards contest. Bajam By Allan S. Bajam is a futuristic science fiction action adventure novel about universal power and control. The story jumps right into an immediate action packed adventure describing the birth and abduction of the main character Bajam.

During the journey Bajam is trained by the Hetratian society to eventually be implanted back on Earth in hopes of becoming the savior for both of the parallel universes of Earth and Hetra. The Fiery souls, after launching an unsuccessful attempt to abduct Bajam themselves, turn to the development of their own savior Mibus. Could it be inspired by divine intervention? That will be for each and every reader to determine for themselves. Regardless you will be thrilled by this turn page action adventure read that is destined to become a top selling classic novel.

Baked Alaska By Josi S. Sadie Hoffmiller has gathered her family together to enjoy an Alaskan cruise and to help plan her daughter's wedding. But when her son's birthmother shows up on the ship, relationships become complicated. And once the dead bodies start appearing, Sadie realizes more than one person on the cruise is keeping secrets. Baked in Seattle By Shaw E.

Bakemono Yashiki By James S. What awful secrets did his Aunt Dolly's precious portrait conceal? Vinegar Lane — the London street in Bethnal Green where Jack Pudden, 10, the baker's son, lived, saw the murder on his doorstep, there followed a family funeral. Jack accepted both as the norm, but when his father announced he was getting married again, this he could not accept.

Sarah moved in almost at once. Jack hated her on sight. But with six in the house, they had to get along. It was in the years of the Depression, death and disease crept hand in hand along the street. The bakery's trade was close to collapsing. Jobless marchers threatened their lives. But, in the misery of those times and personal shocks, Jack, who'd been apprenticed out, came through to take over the bakery, and fall in love.

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Suddenly the sun shone for him … and along came the war. While Jack was away being a soldier, family skeletons emerged and other shocks touching on him. When Jack came home, with a VC, all the startling secrets were revealed. The untold story of an undercover agent entering the doors of a psychiatric hospital in Florida, in the 's, and shutting it down for private and public insurance fraud, and patient abuse. It ends with prison terms for the owners. It shows how sometimes the interior and operations of this psychiatric hospital mirrored life in prisons. Leasing office space on London's Baker Street that was also once occupied by Sherlock Holmes, brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath discover a lease stipulation that they receive letters sent to the famous detective, an arrangement that turns dangerous when Nigel disappears.

Finding unexpected contentment in her life as a night-shift bread baker, Wyn Morrison explores a new relationship with Mac the bartender in spite of difficult issues from his past and Wyn's own marital troubles, but when Mac abruptly leaves town, Wyn learns important life lessons from a grieving apprentice. Reader's Guide available. After an interview with an elderly baker leaves her feeling like she is the one who revealed too much—especially about her Border Patrol husband, Riki—El Paso journalist Reba Adams, as well as her interview subject and Riki, must confront the ghosts of their past.

Baker's Dozen By David J.

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  4. Among some are a deadly assassin from the Canadian Armed Forces, a brilliant Irish trauma surgeon, a "nuclear winter" survivor, and a medical marvel whose augmented strength does little to compensate for his irreversible brain damage. Receiving the aid of an ancient wizard of the Ethermen, the group of 12 finds themselves battling fierce creatures and witnessing marvels beyond their imaginations.

    But their journey becomes more perilous when a necromancer plans to use them in his overthrow of Earth Their survival depends on trust Baker's Dozen By M. Rose Baker is both shocked and infuriated to find out that her brother Judd has been the ringleader of a conspiracy to promote political assassinations over the years.

    In the violent argument that ensues, Judd falls and is fatally injured. Certain that his dozen co-conspirators will never face the justice they deserve, she hatches a plan to make sure that they do.

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    Traveling the four corners of the country, she takes them out one by one. Always a step ahead of the conspirators and the authorities who would never suspect a seventy year old well-dressed woman to be involved in such acts, they have no idea who to look for. Along the way, Rose begins to suspect that the conspiracy is much deeper than the thirteen men and decides to pursue it to wherever it leads her. I've come to the conclusion that most of what I write can be classified under one category, Creative Non-fiction.

    It is all true When I write about things that are common to my wife Carol and me, her comment is, "I love reading my husband's descriptions of our adventures. I get the enjoyment from the adventure that I experienced and then the added pleasure of reading about the trip he went on. All the stories in this book happened.

    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)
    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)
    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)
    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)
    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)
    Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2) Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel, Book 2)

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