AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition

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Doing these FRQs will also make the multiple choice questions seem like a breeze! BC was easy to those who did well in AB because it was just a continuation with very little new material after you get the hang out integration and differentiation in AB. Also AB had a lot of limits, and they rarely showed up in BC.

Calculus is considered the toughest AP at my school mostly because Calc AB is taken everyday 1st semester, and then we take BC everyday 2nd semester. So it's nonstop calc every morning and loads of book work. But it is worth it! Idk what colleges you are looking towards, but a lot of schools accept a 3 on the BC exam for college credit as well as a 3 on the AB sub score. I"m worried for this one. Due to block schedule, I have the class august-december only. In addition, my AB teacher was gone for about a month of our four month class period right after the rest of the class finished the basics so right when I woke up from my 2 month nap and therefore my class is in general very iffy on calc.

I did manage to pull a 5 on the practice AP test we used for thr final, but I chose to save money and not take the AB test and rest on the BC test to get me credit. How much material is added after AB and is it retainable? August Just had my first BC class and I already have three hours of homework. What a great year we're all heading into.

Bc is much harder. We had like 10 hours of hw the first week total. IMO the class is much harder than the exam at my school. Despite also having 3hrs initially for hw too, my teacher goes through every single problem in the textbook and vets them so often times we only get 7ish problems per section, and even then homework isn't taken up so that's nice. Plus my teacher's pretty chill and will blow you mind like everyday.

How are your guys's teachers? Collegecollege replies threads Registered User Member. September Marrissa replies 20 threads Registered User. I'm learning sequences now guysss I just finished L'Hopitals and have a test. Is Data Science and Finance a bad major? Moved: AP Statistics Online?

Moved: What math class is the best. Should DS apply for computer science or math wkh computer science. AP stats review book. Nate K. He teaches very effectively, and he demonstrates different ways of solving a problem. He has a creative fun way of learning new things about math.


He's a very nice person and I would recommend him to everyone. Jonathan K. For past years, I have been commuting from San Francisco all the way to Cupertino. He is very patient and teaches in a unique way, allowing the students to approach challenge questions in a variety of levels in science and math. He also helps the student write excellent notes to refer to when he is not available. But most importantly, tutor Jay has the passion to teach students. He is an effective, commendable and great teacher! Valerie V. He could explain the solution from different viewpoints until I understood.

He not just help me in school home work assignment but also gave me extra variation examples for me to work on, which help me understand math thoroughly. However, with Jay's tutoring, I was able to comprehend all the material given to me in class and drastically improve my grade.

Jay does a great job identifying my needs and explaining thoroughly, allowing me to understand the most complex concepts. I would highly recommend Jay as a tutor. Sean T. He was very patient and eager to help me understand concepts that I have trouble with. He explained the concept and ideas clearly, and made it easy for me to understand. Your dedication and help is much appreciated.

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Brian P. Jay presents the material in a very simple and straight forward way. He is very helpful if you are struggling in math but he can also challenge you to do better and have a deeper understanding. By taking his class not only did my grades drastically increase but my interest in mathematics also grew. He is very qualified to teach this class. He can identify your needs and struggles and will help you until you completely understand the material. I strongly recommend Jay as a tutor. Josh K. He thought me math in a way that my previous tutors did not, and it was very helpful.

He was also very easy to understand and explained concepts in a clear fashion. Thank you for your help Jay Hari M. I had difficulty throughout the year understanding the concepts, but after just a few hours with Jay I was able to understand the concepts exponentially better. Jay is able to teach the concepts behind the problems in a clear and patient way that made learning Calculus enjoyable. Jay does not simply drill the correct way to solve a problem. He is also able to approach the same problem in various ways so that he finds a teaching method similar to that of your teacher.

Besides the fact that he is a great tutor, he is flexible with his time, and I have never had problems scheduling an appointment with him before any critical date such as a test. Tamara K. I was having difficulties in areas of Integral in Calculus. I really didn't get the material at first, but with your help, I understood everything and I felt confident in it.

The way you explain how stuff works is in a clear and understandable manner.

Thanks to you. Hao P. Junior at Cupertino High School Cupertino, CA I have been having a lot of trouble with Statistics, and was worried that my grade would drop dramatically. But thanks to Jay, I now understand all the material and I feel a lot better about Statistics. He really knows the material and explains it to me in various ways until I get it.

He is also very helpful with preparing me for the AP test. I would definitely recommend Jay as a Statistics tutor. Anjali S. Without his broad knowledge and ability to cater to my needs, it would have been a difficult road to success.

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He is very outgoing, attentive, unwearied, and motivated in what he does. He has the aptitude to educate, enhance, and assist in understanding the most complex equations to the simplest form. His instruction is in depth and invaluable. He is an excellent math tutor. Jay provides math instruction that is well worth the time and money.

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Jay is extremely knowledgeable and has an approach to teaching that is easy to understand. He request the assignments ahead of time in order to prepare for the tutoring session, which is very efficient and beneficial. I highly recommend Jay as your math tutor. Chris D. Before I had a tutor like Jay to work with, I went through two pre calc classes and struggled through them both.

I would sometimes even spend hours staring at a half finished homework assignment stuck on a major concept and just hoping that the answer would magically pop into my head. Now when I have that same problem, I can be one hundred percent confident that if I schedule just a one hour meeting with Jay, I will learn exactly what I need to know and more.

Calc BC 2014 FRQ #6

Jay is truly dedicated to all of his students and is committed to making sure you are not only going to improve your grade in the course, but he also works with you so that you understand the material and key math concepts enough to rely on and utilize your skills time and time again. He is not only a great teacher, he cares about the final results.

AP Calculus practice questions

The reason why I contacted Jay was that I had to take an electronics exam to be considered for employment. When I received the study material I was absolutely terrified, I knew nothing about any of this stuff. I would have to say the difference between studying on my own and studying with Jay was not even comparable, the learning was accelerated immensely. Jay has a way of simplifying the material to make it easier to grasp, he has really gotten me excited about learning again. Well, I am very happy to say that I did end up passing the exam and I will be starting my new job on April 20, Kevin T.

It's not easy to find a qualified AP Calculus tutor who can explain and solve the problems clearly and organized. Jay is a tutor who really knows the subject! Mary K. Her grade at the time was B and I was looking for a teacher with great math skills to examine my daughter's deficiencies to achieve elevating her grade to A range.

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My daughter's teacher told her that if she gets A in final exam, he will give her A-. Jay understood Tamara's problems and he made her feel very comfortable and confident. She did receive A- for her semester grade. I thank Jay for this outcome. Congratulations to all of you! Saurav B was accepted by Santa Clara University. Ananth C.

Grant C. Brian C.

AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition
AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition AP Calculus BC, 2014-2015 Edition

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