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Theorists who believe we've been contacted by aliens tend to lean on these details.

Debbie asks that non-believers treat experiencers with more respect.

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Part of what Starborn Support offers is assistance to family members of experiencers as well, helping them learn to deal with what an experiencer may be going through. They may witness their spouse being taken in the night, or wake up and find them missing with no explanation.

I think people like me are chosen to be speakers for the truth.

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You know? We're not all, you know, crazy. This is really happening. When sailing through the region , Christopher Columbus wrote of strange lights off in distance, as well as erratic compass readings. But perhaps no tale is more unexplainably eerie as the mystery of Flight 19, when a group of five war-hardened U.


Navy torpedo bombers suddenly disappeared , never to be heard from again. In July , a rancher named W. What Mack supposedly encountered was the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer, along with the bodies of its alien pilots note: not actually pictured above.

His story would become legend and solidified Roswell, New Mexico, as ground zero for extra-terrestrial contact. Today, Roswell wholeheartedly embraces the E. For years, UFO watchers have claimed Sochi, Russia, to be a galactic hub from which alien spacecraft can be regularly observed with the naked eye.

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Some enthusiasts have even suggested that the nearby summit of Bytkha Mountain functions as a sort of gateway between worlds. Believed to have been created by the Nazca people between BCE and CE, the Nazca Lines are colossal geoglyphs that are only observable from the sky.

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As they were only discovered after the advent of modern commercial airliners in the s, the location has been frequently cited by UFO enthusiasts as an ancient spacecraft landing zone. In , two terrified migrant workers called the Levelland sheriff's office to report a close encounter, claiming that moments before their truck unexplainably shut down, a rocket-shaped UFO hurled itself in the direction of their vehicle in a cosmic game of chicken.

UK Space Agency. Chine se Space Program.

Starborn: Inside the Support Group for People Who’ve Had Alien Encounters

Russian Space Program. For more than years MUFON has strived to provide the world with an unbiased, scientific-based organization with which to investigate and promote research on the UFO phenomenon. MUFON is an all-volunteer, non-profit c 3 charitable corporation. You can help solve the UFO mystery by supporting our scientific investigations and programs via one of the the donate buttons below.

We grow closer to solving the UFO mystery every day and with your generous donation we can continue this trend until we finally know the truth!

Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters
Alien Encounters Alien Encounters

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