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I love the hurt. Probably more. And hurt, I did. I want characters to destroy each other. I want them to destroy me, as a reader. And they did. This book made me want to throw things I'm so often disappointed in indie books of late. I'm so tired of the same story lines and unoriginality of authors being cranked out at warp speed. I spend so much of my time reading, noting the flaws in writing style, or inconsistencies in plot lines, that I tend to miss the feelings an author wanted me to feel.

And that's not my fault Suck me in and make me feel your book, or I'm going to be too bored and distracted not to miss all the areas you're lacking. I felt things that I haven't felt while reading a book in so long. Maybe ever. I felt the obvious heartbreak. The circumstances these characters find themselves in is absolute torture. A situation that doesn't seem like it could possibly get any worse, does. Cooper and Kylie's inability to deal with loss in a healthy way makes for the most heartbreaking journey. And I felt every awful step of it. I wasn't an outsider in this book, I was in it.

The characters in this story are perfection. Flawed, ugly, beautiful, tainted, broken perfection. It took me a while to decide if I liked them. Who I liked. If I could connect and relate to them. Any of them. Whose happy ending did I want to see? Did anyone deserve one? Even if they did, would this story allow for it? Who was the villain in this story? Was there one at all? It took me a while to juxtapose the present day characters with their flashback selves.

These characters changed almost beyond recognition from who they were before tragedy broke them, to who they are now.

It made for an amazing roller coaster of emotions and possibilities, wondering who these people really were, why they were behaving in such a way, and where they could possibly go from there I got goosebumps. Honest to God, real life, goosebumps. That never happens. I cried for three chapters straight. This is not me blowing smoke. I don't do that either. I don't cry. I have cried But it's a rare thing for me. And it happened in this book. dictionary :: against all odds :: English-German translation

A lot. I was floored by this story, by these characters, but above everything else, I was floored by this author. Angie McKeon's beautiful debut story of love, loss, heartbreak, hope, redemption and forgiveness will stay with me indefinitely. View all 14 comments. Mar 26, R. Scarlett rated it it was amazing. I loved Kylie and Cooper's story and I'm hoping Grayson gets his own book! View 1 comment. Apr 05, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: hero-not-celibate , cheating , heroine-i-didnt-like , what-did-i-just-read , triggers , wannabe-ow , annoying-heroine , he-has-a-gf-or-fiancee , not-safe , pathetic-heroine.

Mar 24, Anja rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites. OUR hearts broken OUR souls torn to pieces They are happily married and crazy in love with each other. Although they still love each other, they are drifting more and more apart.. He is there for both of them Sadly, in the end he is the one who gets his heart broken : But lucky for me because he gets his own book.. The author's writing style is amazing. All in all, this was an absolute winner for me! Nov 11, Chanelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: stars , tear-jerking , messed-up-taboo , intense-angst.

Until tragedy came knocking at their door and split their perfect world in two, leaving them broken, battered and struggling with every breath to see through the aftermath. This is a heartbreaking story about loss, betrayal, love and forgiveness. The toll that a loss like Cooper and Kylie's can take on a person and a marriage is unimaginable, unthinkable and this story will give you a heart wr 4. The toll that a loss like Cooper and Kylie's can take on a person and a marriage is unimaginable, unthinkable and this story will give you a heart wrenching insight into this kind of soul crushing devastation.

The author almost dares you not to question, empathise, or feel with her evocative and descriptive writing style. It was just simply not possible while reading this story. The chaos, heartbreak and angst that ensues from this decision is enough to have your heart racing and crying out alongside theirs.

The secondary characters are fantastic, adding a dash of humour and an extra dose of swoon worthy moments. This is a story that deserves and needs to be experienced with an open and unclouded mind. Just know that if and when you decide to give this book a chance, take a deep breath, as it's likely to sink its claws into you instantly. Against All Odds really is unlike anything I've read before. Unique with its storyline and character driven plot, and truly unputdownable.

So much so, you'll never guess it's actually Angie McKeon's debut novel. This is a must read for my fellow angst lovers! View all 11 comments. BR with Denisse Kylie Bailey is a 24 yr. They work together and co-own Cooper Bailey Corp. They sleep under the same roof at night, and co-exist at work and home, but haven't really connected in over 2 years. Two years ago their whole world shattered, and they didn't know how to cope.

Instead of turning to each ot 3. Instead of turning to each other for comfort, their marriage fell apart. They were together since they were 16, and still loved each other, so they weren't prepared to divorce. Instead Kylie suggests an open marriage. This was the part of the story I couldn't wrap my head around. I just could never get on board with the open marriage, and was wanting to tell Kylie NO!

Through all Kylie's self destruction, she knows it's wrong, and can't stand the person she's turned into. Cooper and Bailey go about their daily life pretending they are ok, while avoiding each other as much as possible. They continue to secretly suffer without the other. Kylie just wants to be wanted, and to feel special, and will do anything to get that attention she's starving for. She continues to hold out hope that her and Cooper will one day be able to fix their broken marriage.

As they continue to hurt each other they both turn to their best friend Grayson for support. Lines get a bit blurred between the friends, and things turn complicated, and kind of into a love triangle. I can't say who Kylie ends up with in the end, as I don't want to give the story away, but I was pleased with how things ended up. Feeling you, feeling what belongs to me. It's life-giving, quenching that ache that pours through every ounce of my blood. His kiss breathes life into me. I need to show him with my body.

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I have to offer him my heart and be completely vulnerable. All I want is him. The girl who took, claimed and owned it from the first time I stared into her luminous blue eyes. Eyes that saw right through me. There'll never be anyone else for me. It was always and will always be her. Love's unconditional, but it's not perfect. I'm not perfect, and neither is she. We've made our mistakes, but she's my heart.

Kylie fucking Bailey, have always- always- belonged to me. Nov 23, Sana added it Shelves: unfinished-series , adult , badass-chicks , cut-my-left-nut-off-instead , i-have-a-heart , daddies , im-all-kinds-of-shook , romance , kill-this-character-pls , pukeworthy-romance. Ig I'll just sit here and die now because wow that was one heck of an emotional ride.

Not going to rate this because view spoiler [i hate cheating and while it's an "open marriage" they clearly didnt want to do that to each other but like STILL. I personally didn't like that and just hate cheating with every fiber of my being. Also, the plot didn't make sense? If youre miserable in a marriage for two fucking years, just get??? A divorce????? Or work it out which they did but after like,,, TWO Y Ig I'll just sit here and die now because wow that was one heck of an emotional ride.

Also Grayson didn't fucking deserve that. Hes the only pure fucking character in this book and i love him so fucking much. However this book made me feel pain and hurt and I read this in one sitting because it was so fucking good. I cried every chapter and felt every emotion the characters went through. Because reading this book hurts. Holy Shit. I can feel myself being emotionally drained and I'm not even halfway through, oof.

And I don't know if that's a good thing. Or a bad thing. Our lives are fucked. Angie, as a lot of you probably know, is an established blogger and respected reviewer from Angie's Dreamy Reads. This is one heck of an angsty ride. Coop and Kylie are blissfully happily married and we join them in a moment of utter despair just as Kylie has just given birth to a stillborn daughter, Kayla, and I swear I was sobbing by the end of the prologue.

I know this is killing him as much as it is me. He rubs his big, shaking hand gently over her tiny head. Sobs rip through his body as he wraps his arms around me and our precious bundle while climbing into bed with us. I feel myself collapse against his chest as we sob over our loss. We jump forward two years and grief and loss have viciously torn Coop and Kylie apart. Their happiness, once so all consuming, is now buried in the cold ground with their baby daughter and these are two truly unhappy, grief ravaged individuals. This is such a harrowing read — Angie McKeon really does a fantastic job of highlighting how deep their sense of grief and loss is and how they handle this.

Not well, it seems. Pain is etched into every word and bleeds from every paragraph. My heart hurts badly for sweet Gray, the remaining third of the love triangle, who we leave truly heartbroken. Thankfully, he is to get his own story — the poor guy really deserves a little happiness. So, all in all, a highly accomplished debut from Angie with the promise of more to come. Apr 03, Dee Montoya rated it liked it Shelves: br , not-for-me. In my opinion while Love is the main component in a marriage is not the only thing that will ensure you'll achieve success at it; respect and understanding play a big part as well.

Against All Odds is essentially about that. A couple who is very much in love with each other but when something devastatingly hard happens they are both left completely destroyed, and with no clue in how to move on from it. There are not a lot of books out there about this type of topic and I praise the author for writing a story that will keep you glue to it by insanely amounts of angst and leave you craving to find out if Cooper and Kylie's love is strong enough to survive Cooper and Kylie have been experiencing hell on earth after being in a dream of love and happiness.

They barely talk to each other now and all they do is work and avoid their problems. The desperation to hold on to their relationship after all the pain they've suffered will drive them to make really bad decisions. The question is Or continue to kill each other slowly and harm those around them in the process? I must confess I had a really hard time relating to this story and specially Kylie's character.

Her way of thinking and her behavior had me confused and fuming for most of the book and don't even get me started on their suppose Best Friend Grayson. The man was sexy but a total trouble maker, I pray to God I never have a friend like him. The writing style in this book was very good, and while it might not be for everybody, the plot will certainly open a lot of discussion and will make yourself ask questions that perhaps you never considered before.

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This one was one of those reads that made me want to rant constantly in hopes to understand the motive behind the actions of these very complicated characters. So I must thank Melissa for being once again an excellent BR partner and sharing this experience with me Thanks for the laughs girlie!!

View all 25 comments. Jun 02, Katerina rated it it was ok. I knew what I was in for when I went in to read this book. Got the gist from a few reviews. Cheating repulses me. The betrayal woul I knew what I was in for when I went in to read this book. I apply the same prospect to fictional characters. I felt for the girl. Imagine losing a kid and having a still born. And then wanting emotional support from your husband. Abandoning you. Instead he sends his bestfriend to tend to you and dives headfirst into work. He denies her. When he does touch her, he goes through some sort of panic attack mid intimacy and thinks of their dead daughter as part of her.

And then he point blank refuses to fuck her. She feels like she repulses him and needs the intimacy in their relationship to feel loved. Like any normal person I suppose. He cuts himself off. No emotional or physical support is being shared between them. She suggests an open marriage after a year or so. Swiftly agrees. Reinforces that he wants other women but not her.

She does, she fucks a random guy at a hotel. He followed her and saw it. They cut one another off more and more. She comes home smelling like another man every few nights. Instead she takes emotional relief from his best friend a player who starts to fall for her after all the time they are spending together. Her husband finally ends up fucking a coworker they both work with because they both work at the same company after he sees her leaving to have sex with a potential business partner. Honestly these two protags were flimsy. Thus the ever present line of advice you will hear from people: communication is important.

What if he just told her? Or she just told him. What weak human beings to do this to people who are the most important people in their lives. I mean I get what drove her to that point, but every man after that, was on her. And not fighting, and caving in to the open marriage, then another woman and ignoring her was on him. I especially detest it when a man cheats unfortunately.

He was horrible to her. So no, they should have gotten a divorce. Because a man who treats his wife like dirt the way this guy did, and a woman who is consistently drowning in grief and always needs someone else to pick her up cannot resume this relationship.


She needed to leave. No relationship with him or the friend. The next book is about the best friend who genuinely loved the h. More than life itself. He was completely consumed with her. She had feelings for him. He moved away for a fresh start. View all 6 comments.

Apr 02, Alpha Possessive Heroes rated it really liked it Shelves: ow-om-ex-drama , childhood-friends , intense-too-much , kinda-alpha-male , jackass-grumpy-hero , tortured-abused-hero , betrayed , emotional-so-much-angst-book , hero-involved-with-someone-else , evil-mistress-ow-involved. Throughout the story I felt like someone is gripping and squeezing my heart it effing hurts to read!

There were so many WTF moments between Kylie and Cooper that made me want to crawl inside the book and just shake these two together. I hated Kylie from the beginning- I didn't understand why, how, when and another one big whooping WHY she did what she did but then I couldn't help but not feel sorry her. All the feelings that she was feeling felt like I was the one who is feeling it! Yes, I was confused! Once again, I didn't understand why he did what he did..

It made me love him and hate Kylie once again.. Then there is Layla.. Then Gray.. He's the good guy in this story that has been drag and tossed by these two crazy couple! By the end of the day, he's the only one suffering and this made me hate Kylie and Cooper! But I'm glad he's getting his own story Against All Odds is a full on angst-train wrecked-wallbanger book! If you're a masochist reader like me who likes to read people suffering emotionally then this book is definitely for you!

Yes, there is a love triangle- erm.. It's about love, lost, regrets and forgiving. If you're all into that kind of shebangs then go ahead and read it. As I was reading, it leads to an intriguing question: Is it cheating if both parties agree to an open marriage? It certainly felt like cheating. Luckily, we didn't get too many details of their escapades even if it caused some good ol' angst. Cooper and Kylie experienced a horrific situation - one that has changed them forever.

They both are devastated and handle their grief differently. Kyli 3. It doesn't help that when they start their open marriage that Kylie likes to make sure Cooper is aware of things and he is all too aware This goes on for a while until Kylie hooks up with the wrong person throwing her into another tailspin. You can see where this is going. Grayson can only be a saint for so long. The same can be said for Cooper and that drives Kylie even further and she decides to fight for their relationship.

It was wonderful reading about them working things out. However, the extremes were too much and some softness would have been so much better. At least there was some towards the end and I was happy how things worked out. There is an excerpt of Grayson's book Against the Grain but no release date listed. I couldn't find anything and that's a little sad since this book was released in Feb 18, Shamika rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. First things first, this is an amazing debut novel.

The writing is fluid and the emotions just poured off the page.

Against All Odds

From the beginning I could tell it was going to be a crazy ride and it was. They are both dealing with a devastating event that has rocked their marriage. Up until life throws them off course, they were deeply in love, happy and satisfied. Howeve 4. However, they are both in such emotional turmoil that they are now causing each other pain. Cooper has shut down emotionally and physically from his wife. He has checked out.

This leaves their relationship toxic and dysfunctional. Grayson offers support and comfort to Kylie at such an emotional time where Cooper fails. This story is like taking one step forward and ten steps back. The entire first half was almost just too much for me to bear along with any hopes of happiness for the two. The story deals with some sensitive issues and lots of hurt.

Copper and Kylie begin the slow, painful road to recovery. The author really did a great job with their reconnection and journey back to each other. Even through all the bad times, these two yearn to be together. My feelings for Kylie wavered and boy did she grate on my nerves. But in hindsight I really can't judge her. She's been through hell and even though I don't agree with some of her choices I get that she was in a bad place.

Same goes for Cooper. How do you begin to heal after such heartbreak? How much can a relationship take before it just implodes? How do you even begin to pick up the pieces of such a shattered relationship? How much can we really lean on someone without crossing the line? These are all questions that floated around in my head during this read.

This is such an emotionally charged story of love, loss, hope, grief…heck you name it! I will never forget this story so for that Angie McKeon well done! Looking forward to more of Grayson because he's my hero. View all 3 comments. Omar khayyam We can never go back in time and rewrite the past, we just have to deal with the consequences of our actions and hopefully learn from them; In Against All Odds, Kylie and Cooper find this out the hard way.

Such a painful journey these two have to undertake after tragedy strikes, we see them deal with heartbreak, grief, co The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it. Such a painful journey these two have to undertake after tragedy strikes, we see them deal with heartbreak, grief, commit actions with severe consequences and just fall apart. The people you drag down with you never go away. You have to pay a penance for your sins.

Afterwards we see two broken people who surrender to their pain and grief after the most painful of tragedies, becoming victims of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. Throughout the first half of the book, I was conflicted between feelings of sympathy, exasperation and despair; to see them love so deeply and yet hurt each other so cruelly was frustrating. Reading the flashbacks where these two were in a happier place is just as heartbreaking, y0u just want them to find that again. My favorite character has to be Grayson, the best friend.

My heart went out to him, he was put in such an impossible position and it was obvious that it will end up in heartbreak. I love a book that provokes different reactions, where I experience every emotion the characters are going through but I cannot stop reading. Angie Mckeon can certainly write frustrating messed up characters, with this book she has shown she can write and do it beautifully.

For a consuming and engaging read about passion, pain, hope, forgiveness and redemption, I highly recommend. A lighthouse shining in the dark to bring me home to shore. Kylie, Against All Odds Mar 20, Redheaded Bookworm rated it liked it. This book started out really strong but lost me somewhere in the middle. The beginning was amazing. I couldn't wait to see how it was going to play out. There was a lot of build up to what I thought would be an all out screaming, crying, hissy fit conclusion but when the big moment came, it was just an acceptance.

I felt like the characters didn't work out anything. I would've liked a little more talking things out and a little less sex. With that being said, I did enjoy reading it. I was just l This book started out really strong but lost me somewhere in the middle. I was just looking for more of a connection. I am looking forward to reading the next one about my favorite character Grayson. I can't wait to see how his life turns out. Hopefully for the better!

He deserves a chance at love and happiness. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. This sounds seriously good! Feb 20, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. Two years ago, Kylie and Cooper lost their baby at birth. Before this happened, they were madly, deeply, crazily in love.

They had an indescribable connection they thought they would never lose. But losing their child meant losing themselves to their grief. And their marriage shattered and broke under the all-consuming grief that burdens their hearts. Instead of divorcing, they stayed together, but the marriage had been damaged by the tragedy. Kylie misses her husband desperately. She misses his affection. She misses being wanted and needed. But Cooper was inconsolable. He wanted space. Which led to him ignoring Kylie for so long it left her feeling alone and so terribly sad. Unable to handle the emptiness any longer, Kyle proposes the unthinkable to Cooper… an open marriage.

They made a mistake — a mistake their not sure they can ever come back from. But Kylie is tired of the random men. And now she wants her husband back desperately. They kept making bad choices that were hard to understand. But then as I read on, the story showed me the intense love they have for each other. And I began to understand Kylie and Cooper better. Then I started to embrace him, root for him, and love him when he finally pulled up his big boy pants and fought for his wife. He showed me the man he is underneath his grief; a strong, possessive, dominant man who loves his wife immensely.

Beyond all the emotional turmoil between these two, there is so much love and passion between them, which came out full force when they made love for the first time after two years. There are things between them that need to be reconciled, forgiven, and trust needed to be built again. It made me feel so much - everything. It felt long-winded and a little over-the-top mushy for my taste. There is a semi-love triangle, and I think Angie did a tasteful job with it. I thought he was way out of line with his actions.

Cooper and Gray are best friends, and the fact that he tried to piss a circle around Kylie, claiming her as his, was just wrong, wrong, wrong. However, with that said, this is still an impressive, character driven, emotionally charged debut book by Angie McKeon. She does not pull punches with your emotions in the beginning. And she certainly does not pull any punches with all the angst.

There is tons of angst. I felt such overwhelming frustration, heartache, and grief for these characters that they dug themselves into my heart. I also felt their passion and happiness. Linde, then this book is certainly for you. Apr 03, Miss rated it liked it Shelves: annoying-heroine , made-me-want-to-throw-my-kindle , angst , selfish-heroine , asshole-hero , emotional , whattings , why-oh-why. How does one rate a book that made them miserable while reading it?

I gave Against All Odds a 3 star rating because it was well written and it had the ability to piss me off and make me want to throw things. Kylie and Cooper suffer a debilitating loss. Despite the fact that they are deeply in love and have been together since the age of 16, they both decide to take the selfish approach to healing by shutting each other out. For some unknown reason they spend the next two years buried in mass pile How does one rate a book that made them miserable while reading it? For some unknown reason they spend the next two years buried in mass piles of miscommunication and manipulation.

Whatever education you have, no one can ever take it away from you. She works with young, disadvantaged students to help them break down the barriers that stand in the way of their learning. Annaleigh talks passionately about education and the power it has to change lives, and she speaks from experience.

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It was while she was at college studying towards her BTEC national diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, that Annaleigh was encouraged to apply for university. She realised that growing up around adversity had given her a different but no less valuable, skillset than her peers: she was elite in her own way. I had unequivocal bravery, determination and grit. I was resilient. I realised that education has the power to make you significant. She had to step down from her role as Captain of the university netball team but, against the odds, she completed her course and graduated in June In her work at the football club, Annaleigh empowers her students by sharing what her life experiences have taught her so far.

You outgrow them with strength.

Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds
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