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Thanks to that, a user can practice on the most realistic heart models with numerous pathologies and have the feeling of real examination or surgery. The problem for the users is financial stress, situations where they are forced to economise or to borrow. Moneyfriend wants to inform them early when they will run out of money and be ready to lend instantly. Sean McCarthy. Daniel Cabrera. You left out my favorite sequence: Summon Thornshooter one turn Summon Shadow Wolves the next turn Then for as long as you can keep the Shadow Wolves alive, they play right after the Thornshooter, and almost always attack a poisoned target because they follow the same target selection AI.

Thanks for the guide, and I'm totally with you on the Summoner being underappreciated. There's something that's not working right about analyzing cards only in how well they fit these 4 "roles". This is particularly prominent when it comes to your ratings of movement cards. You rated Mighty Bond and Bonded Might identically, and gave them zero stars for archer and support. And yet one of them is a move 4 jump, while the other one is a card that you probably only want in scenarios that require loot actions.

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I'd say the move 4 jump is the main benefit of the card! You gave Earthen Steed 4 stars for summon builds, and 0 stars for others.

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This is truly baffling to me. I can understand giving it a marginally higher rating for a "ranged summons" role, because in that plan you are playing Thorn Shooter and so can't use it as a move 5. But all this card does if you're not kidding yourself about the top half, which it didn't seem like you were is move 5 jump at initiative That is just plain strong especially for a class that has scant low-initiative cards, and spends a lot of turns standing still to perform some non-move bottom action , and it's not really related to what role you're pursuing.

But also, I feel like these something off about the categories you chose in general. I think I would have gone with something like: Damage Crowd control Positioning Tanking The Summoner's main problem is that it sucks if your summons die, so your primary concern is how to prevent that. These four categories represent the 4 ways you might choose to deal with it and obviously you're usually doing a combination of them.

In this rubric you can see the reasons for certain cards working or not working together better. Melee summons are terrible at positioning, so including other strong positioning cards like Ethereal Vines or Earthen Steed is not as strong with them. Ranged summons are terrible at tanking, so giving them shield or disadvantage to attackers is not that useful. The ratings are intended more to show the differences between the card's usefulness for a specific role rather than as an arbitrary overall card rating. That type of thinking belongs more in the "build exactly like this" style of guides.

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  5. Rasmus JN. Not sure if this is allowed, but enhancing "any mana" to the Thorn Shooter's attack could be cool. Since I imagine I'll want to have thorn shooter out a LOT, and it's got enough range to hang back and survive, I'd get a mana of my choice for many rounds. And also good for my teammates. Power level of cards is a real thing, not "arbitrary".

    I don't think you're doing anyone any favors by trying to discount it, if indeed you are.

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    If I'm trying to figure out if card X is good for my "ranged summons" build, I want to know how good it is for a ranged summons build , not how much better it is than it would be for a support build. That comparison is just completely beside the point when it comes to choosing whether to take the card. Which summons do you recommend using this combo with? The importance of understanding the opposition monster-movement is as important as knowing how your own summons will act. The late initiative cards can be a real asset even without laying a summon. I frequently position my Summoner one or two hexes beyond the base-movement stat of monsters particularly melee and then go with late initiative.

    Monsters going earlier will usually amble into range without getting an attack off so that, on your turn: 1 Your Summons can attack at range or are now close enough to charge into melee.

    You can get a heck of a lot of damage inflicted in this way through multiple attacks. Despite this, it's usually better for the Summoner to take this hit rather than any unshielded summons so best keep her at the vanguard. I would argue that the rolling heal and wound perks are stronger than you highlighted and are viable in a damage-dealing build because of the cumulative effect over consecutive rounds. The poison is an awesome addition because the Summoner can get multiple weaker attacks in per.

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    But it'll get the job done for ordinary TV and movies. Because Chromecast released its SDK to the public a few years back, just about every major provider offers Chromecast functionality. On April 18, Amazon and Google announced that Amazon Video support would be coming to Chromecast in "the coming months," ending a year-plus spat that left users forced to use a tedious work-around using the screen-casting feature and enough bandwidth for screen mirroring.

    35. Data Visualization for Human Perception

    One nice thing about Chromecast is that Google's audiovisual apps have casting functionality built right in. Most other streaming devices offer similar functionality, but there's usually a bit of tedious media-server setup involved. However, Google Play Music won't let you cast music from your personal collection — just stuff you've purchased through Google. The new Chromecast is a divisive streaming gadget.

    It's easy to like it for the intuitive interface and wide variety of content, and the speed improvement is noticeable. However, the new Chromecast doesn't innovate in any real way. Overall, the latest Chromecast feels behind the times, and it's lost one good feature along the way. Pick it up if you like the interface and have a full-HD TV that needs some love. Tom's Guide. Our Verdict The new Google Chromecast is fast and intuitive, but the attractive little dongle is behind the times.

    For Fast performance Inexpensive Intuitive interface. Against Boring, stripped-down design No significant improvements over second gen. Design As before, the Chromecast is a circular dongle with a 2-inch circumference that attaches to the back of your TV. Interface The best reason to buy the Chromecast, as always, is that it has the simplest, easiest-to-understand interface of any streaming device on the market. A speedier Chromecast The only significant difference that Google advertises between the third-gen Chromecast and its second-gen predecessor is better hardware.

    HBO It's a little bit harder to pinpoint resolution on YouTube, because a lot of content comes courtesy of phone cameras shooting under less-than-ideal lighting conditions. If you were to stream one video per day, that'd cost you about 37 minutes over the course of a whole year — almost enough time for an extra prime-time drama but not that much in the grand scheme of things Although this is harder to quantify, colors also looked a little richer on the third-gen Chromecast, particularly the deep blacks and otherworldly blues in sci-fi films like Star Trek Beyond.

    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition
    ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition

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