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She is approaching 8 months old and, unfortunately for us, is not the best sleeper. In these short eight months, I have clocked more hours than I can count sitting with her in the rocker in her nursery. Sometimes she is fussing and requires my attention , but she is often simply asleep in my arms. During this time, I am habitually on my phone. Updating social media, checking comments on my blog, basic online shopping. Things that are fairly easy to do with a cell phone in one hand and a baby in the other.

One night the two of us were in this same position as we have been countless times before.

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I looked at my daughter, who I thought was asleep, and with the glare of my cell phone, I could see her staring wide-eyed at me. As soon as our eyes locked, she smiled. That sweet, still toothless smile that melts your heart in an instant. At that moment, I made a vow. I vowed to put down the phone, shut the outside world out just for a few minutes and be there with my daughter.

They say the days are long, but the years are short. No statement has held more truth to me as a mother than this one. As a mom and part-time stay at home mom, I often feel as though I'm falling behind with everything. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get done the laundry list and the actual laundry that I always have to do. I try to keep the house clean and respond to work emails in a timely manner.

On the days I work, it is easier to focus on the tasks at hand, but when I am home, I am also caring for two small children. And as most moms know, multitasking is often what gets us through our days. But as I am thinking about this concept of being present, I am also thinking about what multitasking has taken away from me:. Yes, I can get the dishes done while my daughter is in her highchair. But then I miss out on the chance to interact with her while she is trying new food. Sure, I can check social media uninterrupted while my son is watching the latest episode of Paw Patrol.

But then I don't get to take in the feeling of his head resting on my shoulder the way it only does when he is focused on the TV but still wants to be close to me. The moments we have with our children are fleeting.

Khadijah Haqq Opens Up About Daughter's Premature Birth and Emergency C-Section

I already see my 8-month-old developing more independence from me. It won't be long before I will be dropping her off at school with her older brother and returning home by myself. I will have time to clean the house and catch up on social media, but I will also not have my babies anymore. I will have children who are able to do more without me. I will be granted the time and space I need to do more of the things that I struggle to get done now. As much as I am looking forward to some of that freedom, I am also dreading the hole I know will be in my heart when these moments are gone.

As a mother, my to-do list seems to grow longer with each thing I check off. There are always things I can be doing. Dishes that need cleaning. Phone calls and emails to return. Clothes to fold and put away. And while I feel really great when those things are done, I have vowed not to do them at the expense of spending time with my children.

As the days pass and the years are behind us, my memories should not be of how clean my house was, or how up to date I was on Instagram. I want to remember playing with my son and snuggling with my daughter. The email I would otherwise be reading will still be there once she is asleep, but that moment I could have had with her will not be. So as my children grow up, just like I did that one night in my daughter's room, I vow to be present. He's only 4 months old but Baby Archie is already a world traveler and just made his first official appearance on mom and dad's royal tour of South Africa.

The whole family was dressed in coordinating shades of blue during the visit to Cape Town and Archie looked super cute in a classic pair of overalls. The royals did not officially schedule Baby Archie as part of the tour because it's pretty hard to schedule a baby that age The family is traveling with a nanny so that Archie is in good hands when his parents are away from him at public engagements.

As Vanity Fair reports, the couple are paying for the nanny privately. Baby Archie is pretty bald, but you can see that little tufts of red? Some babies are born with a full head of hair and then lose much of it in the first six months though some never do. Some babies are born bald and their hair comes in later. And many babies fall somewhere in between.

It is also normal to lose more hair on the back of the head and to keep this bald spot longer," San Francisco-based pediatrician Karen Gill tells Healthline. This video captured a very sweet moment between the family of three, as the Duke and Duchess were trying to keep Archie happy as he arrived to meet the Archbishop.

They cooed and laughed at their son who rewarded them with a big smile. The trio will be separated for part of the tour as the means of travel aren't suitable for babies. The family will be reunited on October 2.

As Hello! This side-by-side comparison of baby photos proves it! This is good news for Archie, as research suggests there are major health benefits for babies when they look like dad. The research suggests babies who look like their fathers have more engaged fathers something that leads to fewer emergency room visits.

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Prince Harry is obviously a very engaged dad, so baby Archie is in good hands. One right of passage for any pregnancy is the screening between weeks 24 and 28 for Gestational Diabetes GD , a condition in which women without a history of diabetes have high blood sugar levels as a result of the pregnancy. Mamas-to-be are advised by their doctor or midwife to take the Glucose Challenge Test GTC , when you drink a liquid containing gram glucose, wait an hour and then have your blood drawn.

While you don't have to prep, it is advised to avoid eating too many carbs or sugar the night before to ensure a more accurate assessment is obtained. The GTC has become the gold standard in determining if the body has difficulty metabolizing the intake of sugar and diabetes mellitus or if an insulin resistance has developed, and whether further testing is needed. The American Diabetes Association estimates that gestational diabetes occurs in up to 9. Glucola is a standard brand of OGTT glucose solution prescribed by doctors and midwives that does not have adverse effects other than some rare cases of intolerance nausea, bloating, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and fatigue.

However, some ingredients in it have caused a bit of an alarm, specifically brominated vegetable oil BVO. It's used as a flame retardant, contains artificial flavors, coloring, and high fructose corn syrup. BVO is also a food stabilizer used in soda drinks to help keep citrus-flavor oils suspended and prevent them from floating to the top of the liquid, at about 8 parts per million.

Preterm Labor visual summary.

March of Dimes annual Premature Birth Report Cards, issued every November since , assign letter grades to the nation, 50 states, D. Report Cards have elevated the issue of prematurity among thought leaders, policy-makers and the public. Create a Facebook fundraiser to let friends and family know you're donating your birthday so more babies can have theirs. March of Dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. We're advocating for policies to protect them. We're working to radically improve the health care they receive. We're pioneering research to find solutions. We're empowering families with the knowledge and tools to have healthier pregnancies.

By uniting communities, we're building a brighter future for us all. March of Dimes, a not-for-profit, section c 3. Privacy, Terms, and Notices.

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McCray also revealed that she and her sister Malika were also born premature. Her dad is 6'7. Then myself and my twin were preemies born 3lbs each and we're still petite like our mom.

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ABC of preterm birth ABC of preterm birth
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ABC of preterm birth ABC of preterm birth

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