A Private History of Awe

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Thanks so much for sharing it. I've posted it on my Facebook page as well. How inspiring for writers and wannabe writers of memoirs.

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A thought provoking post. And, yes, I would be very interested in the list of questions! How is a memoir different than an autobiography? Is it simply a recognition that what and how we remember is filtered through the lens of our experiences and perceptions? I would love to see a list of those questions, and to compare them with questions that biographers ask their subjects. When we reflect on our years at the very end of our lives, what are the nuggets that are worth extracting, for ourselves, and for others?

Are those nuggets the same?


I have some previous posts that help answer the definitions questions, Carolyn. Written at the end of usually an eminent life. Can be written by a young person without eminence—yet. Has to be compelling as a story and is written in the form of scenes rather than in the form of historical account.

Most definitely! This is a concrete example of my concerns about losing information and artifacts due to digital obsolescence. You touch on something that has always fascinated me I have had the privilege of being with many people as they have died. I have always listened closely and wondered; how will they encapsulate their lives in their final moments; what distils out of and remains after a lifetime of experiences?

And now, as I stand close to death, it is my turn to write my own last words.

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My memoir, Graffiti On My Soul, has just been published. Lyrical, funny, raw, mystical it tells how God writes His Eternal Love Story in the grit of our lives.

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In former days we focused on 'how we get to God'. And this is my story—through the brambles of adolescence, through eight years as a nun, and finally through a time of utter horror, I have found in an underground river, through all events and circumstances, the constant presence of God. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Memoirs and the mystery of life by Richard A. Kauffman Judging by my reading habits, the memoir is my favorite form of literature. Like this: Like Loading Posted in My Reviews. Shirley Showalter. Kathleen Friesen on May 15, at pm. Carolyn on May 16, at am. Karin on May 17, at pm. Richard is trying to find these in old computers. We wish him luck, right? Ebooks reduce down on the employ of paper, as recommended by environmental enthusiasts. Presently there are no fixed timings for study. There will be no question of waiting-time for new editions. Presently there is no transportation to the eBook shop.

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"Private History of Awe" by Scott Russell Sanders

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  • on A Private History of Awe by Scott Russell Sanders | The Georgia Review!
  • A Private History of Awe.
  • A Private History of Awe by Scott Russell Sanders.
  • I tell big, hungry stories.

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A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe
A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe
A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe
A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe
A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe
A Private History of Awe A Private History of Awe

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